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Mohan Mill Compound, Ghod Bunder Road, Thane, Maharashtra 400607 India
  1. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto

    I doubt if there is a slot to fit the terminal cover, only one terminal has the cover slot. Atleast thats what was told to me during the delivery of my Punto at Balaji Motors. I insisted on getting the terminals covered with terminal protection sealant and instead they got something similar ion blue clour sprayed on the terminals.

    I had recently visited Balaji motors to get the front mud flaps issue rectified, I was told by the technician to opt for the plastic mud flaps instead of the rubber ones. I could see many of the Italian beauties braving the heavy rains out in the open, Balaji should have atleast got some shed erected to protect the cars. :x
  2. PR-8359


    Thane, Mumbai
    Gentlemen, I personally feel that Balaji Autoworld has a long way to go. Granted...the Office Staff and Service Personnel are polite. No complaints there. However, their responsiveness sucks. Recently, I left my car at Balaji when I noticed rust under the bonnet and inside right fender. The SA gave me an estimate of 5 days for tinkering and repainting. The SA disappeared soon after that. After repeatedly following up, I was told by the Service Manager to follow up directly with the BodyShop Incharge. I was given vague status updates for the next 5 days whenever I called the Bodyshop Incharge. On the 10th day evening, the Bodyshop Incharge told me that the car is being washed and to come and pick up my car the next day. When I visited the Service Centre at 1:30 PM the next day, no one including the service manager had any clue on the status of my car. I was told to go and check in the yard. When I came back saying that my car was not there and started creating a ruckus, the Service Manager accompanied me in the pouring rain to search for the car. We finally managed to locate the car near the bodyshop, just painted, unpolished (I had to convince the Service Manager that it was not polished) and unwashed. Another couple of hours was spent in getting the car polished. After which it took the Service Manager over an hour to give me the Bill (he was blaming some new ERP system that FIAT has brought in). Finally, I was out by 7:30 PM. It was one of my worst experiences with Tata/Fiat Service Centre. I was kicking myself for choosing Fiat by the time I left. I am beginning to think that FASS is a bad gamble on Fiat's part. Atleast, the TASS were quick and more professional in their dealings.
  3. patil's


    the worst service experience and a unserviced car in BALAJI FIAT THANE

    my third service nearing & the odo reading 29500+ & some warranty replacement i decided to get my LINEA
    serviced. i called galaxy motors mulund but was told that they dont service fiat any more, on further inquiry was
    told to go for wasan fiat deonar or balaji fiat thane, since thane is near i decided to call balaji fiat.

    saturday 17 aug i called for service appointment but was told that system was down, so plz call on next day.
    On 18 aug i called again, but i was told that confirm appointment can only be given on monday morning & was
    asked to leave my phone no. lucky enough i got call on monday morning from balaji fiat thane. i was told since no
    slots are available, appointment can only be made for thursday 22 aug.

    as no other way left i agreed for thursday appointment scheduled at 10.30 am

    i reached balaji fiat at 11.35 am thanks to heavy traffic on majiwada junction due to flyover construction.
    after reaching on reception and waiting for 10 mins there my entry was checked & was told to wait till the
    service advisor is free. so i waited there.

    after getting frustrated for 45 mins & repeated queries some lady came to me & started asking about the
    vehicle details & problems in car, she made my job card, but told me to wait for Mr. SAMEER the service
    advisor so that he can have test drive as some knocking issue was there.

    after another 30 mins of anger Mr. luvpreet accompanied me for test drive, on returning i was told to wait for
    sameer. another 20 mins of waiting and clock ticking at 1.20 pm, my patience broke on asking at reception for
    sameer, the receptionist Miss. Pearl totally confused couldnt even answer his whereabouts, so decided to cancel
    my service, on telling her the reply she gave me was ok you can go.

    so is this the service we should expect from BALAJI or FIAT itself
    is this the way we are going to be treated,
    its a shame if FIAT is listening
    no wonder sales are dropping for FIAT
    dont make regret buying a fiat & dont spoil Fiat legacy

    if FIAT really cares for its customer some action must be taken

    further on contacting the CRM miss Sanjoti patil no reply
    on contacting service manager mr. Sanjeeev Shimpi doesnt even care to answer the call.

    experts plz help with your inputs.

    - - - Merged Post - - -

    with mail forwarded to fiat india & waiting for reply, lets see how much fiat cares
    will keep posted
  4. arian

    arian Amatore

    I had a similar experience like patil's at balaji thane. SA SAMEER is the most lousy advisor I ve every come across. This fellow has to be shaken up to get any work done. The customer has to wait for him, then search for him & then force him to listen to the complaints which he writes down as if doing a big favor. The other fellow Mr. Wilson seems so busy with a bunch of papers he keeps flipping that he has no time to fill up for Sameer. When I went to take delivery of the car, I reached there at 12.30 pm as advised by Sameer and as usual I couldnt trace him. By the time he was traced, it was lunch time for Mr. Luvpreet. The lunch time is for an hour so I had to wait till 2.00 pm as according Sameer, the vehicle cant be delivered without luvpreet testing himself. My car was ready a day prior & really couldnt understand why the test drive was not done before. Then luvpreet finished his lunch and took the car out which was not clean and hence washing again took some more time. I short I had to wait almost 3 hours even when the car was ready. Finally Sameer refused give to the bill under the pretext that some system shift from tata to fiat is going on & i ll receive the same in the next 2 days by courier. Its been 45 days still no bill & follow ups are useless.

    - - - Merged Post - - -

    even though this is a fiat exclusive centre, somehow you feel unwelcome. There is no warmth in the interactions. Finally, the satisfaction one gets after receiving the serviced car is also not there. This matters the most to me considering I stay in South Mumbai & its a real effort to reach this place.
  5. FIAT Exclusive Service Center: Balaji Autoworld, Mumbai

    As I understand FIAT has worked out with the earlier service centres to continue the service.. I see Fortune Marol is still taking cars for service and its there on the FIAT India website also as authorised service CENTER.

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  6. patil's


    on 23 aug at 9.30 am got call from mr. sanjeev regarding the incident & explaining why he couldnt answer the calls.:confused: and asking to visit the service centre on monday 9.30 am
    also got a mail from fiat saying that the matter will be looked upon by regional team & concern service centre.

    miss sanjoti emailed confirming the appointement.
    still no word from regional team.:confused

    hoping for better treatment on monday.

    will keep posted
  7. patil's


    its monday went for service as per appointment, reached balaji at 10.25 am. receptionist quickly identified me, GUESS???:confused::eek:
    after waiting for 10 mins, job card formality completed by mr. sameer, at 10.40 was told to go for vehicle inspection and underbody check, i was accompanied by mr. luvpreet.

    soon after told that brake pads need replacing, told that i'll think & let them know. as car was driven only 30000 kms.
    left Balaji at 11 am. with a probability that car will be delivered in evening.

    at 3 pm got call from sameer, saying that strut pad & lower elbow need replacement, i was confused when he stated that it would cost 10500. i refused...
    and decided to visit balaji as i was nearby.
    on visiting i was told that lower elbows are fine, just strut pads need reeplacement, :confused:hitbut are not available, tomorrow they will reach balaji.
    on asking about car delivery i was told that fuel pump replacement which is in warranty is also not available, and will call me when they reach SC. delivery next day as some small works are pending..

    hope tomorrow my beauty comes home.....
  8. Cashier

    Cashier Amatore

    Visited Balaji on 25th with my Linea, as someone quoted the receptionists is not as attractive as our "Italian" beauties, actually there is no comparision, there were 2 SA's Mr Jitesh and Mr Sameer, and yes Mr. Sameer is a little lousy. Mr Luvpreet is the one who takes your beauty for a drive and identifies faults, I had taken my trusted Mechanic with me under the pretext of driver.

    My car is having problems with a little wobbling steering, and some sounds from my front suspensions, I did not have any intention of being ripped off and therefore had taken my Mechanic with me to verify.

    Now after the test drive, Mr Sameer said I will have to change strut pads / link rods / lower arms / brake pads, the horrifying information was that all my alloys are bent and out, my mechanic did verify all this and said that we can manage with a little less then what he has asked to change, and that he will get the costs of all parts. So I just had my Oil Changed and the regular filters changed air/oil/fuel etc which costed me around 6500/- and left with the car, Mr Sameer wanted me to keep the car with them overnight, but reviewing the conversation here I was in no mood to do that.
  9. patil's


    on tuesday called mr. sameer to know the status, i was told the car is almost ready just washing is remaining & i can pick it up at 2 pm.
    so called again at 2.15 pm to confirm, was told the car is still in washing but to come & get it delivered. still knowing balalji's work policy, i reached SC at 4.45 pm, i saw my car just coming out of washing, waiting to be dryed. :confused1:confused1

    on visiting the reception as usual mr. sameer was not there & told to wait, after 10 mins sameer arrived & told the car is ready to be delivered.

    so asking about the bill it came to his notice that the job card is lost, so now the search & blame game begins, after fiddling & trying to get new copy & spending 1 hr it was found in sameer's desk itself. :hit
    before paying i wanted to get the car checked of all the things done, it came to my notice that front power window is still squeaking & had mr. luvpreet checked & fixed it with another 15 mins wasted. :chair: on test drive it came to my notice that the steering wobble is present & not fixed, also wheel balancing & alignment & rotation not done, even though it is in service manual, on asking i was told that my tires are not proper hence the wobbling, but still confused as it was not there before & only got it after few bad bumps, yet declined saying it could make the matter worse.. also couldn't understand why wheel rotation not done. :confused:confused:confused

    finally got the bill of rs. 8017. paid it & drove away. but still UNSATISFIED by service. :rage
    tried calling mr. sanjeev but he was busy in some meeting, only next day he answered my call saying to bring the car whenever possible so he can personally check it.

    still fuel pump problem & steering wobbling present, waiting for arrival of pump & to meet mr. sanjeev.

    hope this ends well, tired of visiting SC...:cry::sadblue
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2013
  10. Linear

    Linear Amatore

    This very typical of them. Even after you get a confirmation that the car is ready, you'll end up spending at least an hour there waiting for one thing or the other.

    Last time I visited them for front suspension work, we had to wait for an hour, and then when the car was delivered to me, driver's seat & driver side door pad was dirty as hell.

    This time the car is out of extended warranty, so avoided them & went to Mahindra First Choice. Much better experience.
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2013

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