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Mohan Mill Compound, Ghod Bunder Road, Thane, Maharashtra 400607 India
  1. nobrakes


    3rd and final free service @ Balaji Autoworld, Thane.

    Hello TFI'ans!

    I've just got the 3rd free service done for my 1.2 GP Emotion. The car completes 2 yrs at the end of this month and has so far done only 12300 kms.

    Called balaji autozone in thane and got an appointment for saturday 1st of june for 11am. Having never been to that area of thane I decided to leave early and as a result reached there at 10am. They were more than happy to accept my car early. Service center receptionist was prompt and introduced me to SA Mr. Wilson, who was very quick in preparing a job card and then checked my car which was parked outside. I was given a time of delivery of 4pm. I also wanted the wipers, front and rear changed which Wilson said he would do. I was given an estimate of Rs. 9000/- which included the wipers which were for 2000/- rs.

    Reached balaji at 4pm to pick up my car only to see that it had'nt been washed. On seeing me there, Mr. Wilson decided to get the car washed at the next door balaji tata service center as the had a vacant bay and Fiat did not! I was then asked to wait for half an hour in the Fiat showroom and that i would be informed when the car was ready. After waiting for more than half hour, I decide to walk over to the tata service center to check on my car. when i got there I saw it was washed and ready....only no one had informed me. Walked over again to Fiat SC and grabbed Wilson who was keen for me to sign and pay to which I said I would do AFTER I checked the car and the new wipers. At this point I must mention that Balaji Fiat are very very busy and equally confused. Can't say what exactly is their problem because they have loads of space for cars and quite a few employees around too. Eventually Wilson and I got the punto out of the tata sc and drove it back to the fait sc where i got a demo of the new wipers and checked the car. Paid the bill of around 8600/- and left at about 5:30 pm.

    Overall, I'm very happy with the job done by Balaji and the car feels very smooth. I guess they are a "new" Fiat Outlet and hence need to iron out some issues, especially related to communication and co-ordination. I tried to meet some one to show me some accessories like Door sills, spoiler etc and on both occasions i;e when I went to drop and pick my car the person was unavailable. Guess they lost out did I :thumbs down. Also when i was asked to wait in the showroom when my car was getting washed, one of the receptionist was sitting on the armrest of a sofa talking to a couple of guys, and, by the way they were talking it was obvious that the guys were not customers but her friends! Looked very unprofessional and alll this when there were customers walking in and I was waiting there too.

    All that being said thumbs up to Balaji for the job done....but overall impression gets a thumbs down. The customer has got to run after everyone here. The guys at the local roadside garage near my house seem more co-ordinated and professional. Got a call from balaji today for feedback and I conveyed the same to them.

    P.S. went to 3m near my house in Borivili today and got the under body coating done for Rs. 1899/-. Good experience there again.

    Last edited: Jun 3, 2013
  2. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12

    :evilsmile:shocked I hope that typo error.

    Good to see your car is now refreshed. Happy Motoring.
  3. nobrakes


    lolll...yep...changing it now! :)
  4. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    Be more cautious while Typing, we TFians are watching.....
  5. mhitesh

    mhitesh Amatore

    Airoli, Navi Mumbai
    Airoli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.4
    The same happened with me at Balaji, the car was washed, dried and parked, but no one came to inform me....I had to run after the executives who said that they forgot to inform me.
  6. mhitesh

    mhitesh Amatore

    Airoli, Navi Mumbai
    Airoli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.4
    I just got a call from Balaji and they updated about their new Fiat Service Center in Pavane near Savita Chemicals..This is indeed a good news for all Navi Mumbai / Panvel Fiatians
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  7. anrad73

    anrad73 Amatore

    Thane, India
    I still continue to give my FIAT for service @ Fortune, Thane (Wagle Estate) and they seem to do a good job of it everytime...No issues, whatsoever.
  8. Linear

    Linear Amatore

    You must be one lucky guy mate. I had a horrid experience with them.

    BTW, where are you in Thane?
  9. Hi All. I got my car serviced at Balaji's Exclusive service center in Thane last Saturday and overall wasn't very pleased but it wasn't as bad as it can get either. I have a Punto Emotion PK 1.4 and my car was due for it's fourth service since it is now 3 years old. I took an appointment on the Monday prior to last Saturday; however, i did not get a call back confirming my appointment so i called them again on Thursday to confirm whether my appointment had been scheduled only to find out that it had not been booked. So i booked it on Thursday (for Saturday) anyway and was asked to arrive by 10:30-11. I got a call Saturday morning confirming the appointment and a lady also asked me as to what time would i arrive. I got stuck in traffic and reached at 11:30 and parked my car in what seemed like a spacious open ground that i spotted immediately after entering the narrow entry to the service center. I was asked to wait in the waiting room for sometime and was allotted a service advisor, Sameer, within 5 minutes of my arrival. On finding out that i had parked my car in the open square that can be seen as soon as you enter the narrow entry to the service center, he told me that that ground was for cars that were done with servicing and that i should park my car in the square adjacent to the service floor (you guys will really have to visit the place to understand what i mean). So i go to the place i parked my car earlier only to find out that it had been scratched by another car (driven by their driver) who was trying to squeeze a maroon linea which was done with servicing next to my car. Aghast, i went back to the service advisory and gently pointed out that my car had been scratched on their premises and that they have to fix it. The service advisor Sameer seemed least bothered about this and seemed to be busy dealing with some issue on phone. He just nodded his head and disappeared. After looking for him for a few minutes and managing to locate him i asked him to make a job card. He said my car would have to be inspected before he could make a job card. At this point another service advisor came, took my car loaded it on to one of those motorized lifts and along with one of the mechanics they both started inspecting my car from underneath. I asked the service advisor if they would be taking a test drive, he said no they wouldn't since i hadn't reported any problem. I was a little surprised since at galaxy motors mulund they would always take a test drive and check for problems. Anyway now Sameer came back and started to make a job card. He asked me if there was any problem with the car. I just told him that sometimes my horn doesnt work and sometimes it starts working again on its own. He said he would look into it. So i again brought up the issue of my car getting scratched in their premises. He rudely said that that was not the place for me to park my car. Shocked i told him that wherever i park my car it was on their premises that it was scratched and that it is their responsibility to fix it. To which he said "Nahi hoga". I told him to at least try and buff off the maroon linea paint that occurred as a result of the collision he said "haan dekhta hoon". He made an esitmate of 7000 which included labor charges and all oil and filter replacements. I also asked him to change the stone guard since it had rusted badly. He said that that would cost another 16-1700 with which i was ok. He called me at 4:30 PM on the same day. Fortunately i have friends in Thane so i hung out with them for a while, went for a small trek through yeoor hills. I went to collect my car at 5 PM and it was ready. Sameer immediately drove it to the washing bay when i arrived. I sat with him he presented me with the bill i went through the cost and the total cost was around 10500 with all oils changed all filters changed, alignment and balancing and the stone guard replaced. I checked and seen that nothing had been done about the scratch. Also, he said that washing will take too long and hence he has just got the body washed. I could still see mud which had dried stuck to the body still clearly he just got the car sprayed with water and not even body washed properly, he said that i could come any other time and have the car washed. I was getting late to go home and hence i did not bother arguing much with him but was left with a bad taste in my mouth from the scratch not being attended to and the car not being washed. Overall it seemed like they were in a rush to get done with the car. I used to go to galaxy motors earlier and although they were a lot slower, i would say their overall quality of service delivery was far better! Exclusive my @ $ $ i wasn't pleased with this experience at all. To top it all they didn't even ask me to fill out a feedback form that's how much they care.

    Overall rating

    Location = 7/10 (since i stay at kalyan and thane is not too far by road)
    Ambiance = 7/10 (okayish, although the entry is really narrow and on days with heavy load it can be a royal pain to park
    Friendliness = 5/10 (since the receptionist and the lady at the billing counter were quite courteous. The service advisor was an arrogant @ $$ hole
    Fairness of Charges = 9/10 (they didn't push me to buy any idiotic additive)
    How much do they care = Not much really, they just want to get done with your car
    Overall = 5/10 ( overall i wasn't very pleased, but yeah it could be worse from some of the horror stories i read)
    Would i come back again = haha, do i have a choice?
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  10. Also, i forgot to mention that the black battery cover that covers the positive terminal went missing. I couldnt point it out to my service advisor since i realized this like a week later.

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