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Mohan Mill Compound, Ghod Bunder Road, Thane, Maharashtra 400607 India
  1. DKumar


    Balaji Motors Thane has been a reliable service center for me, till this time around. Recently, I had an accident where in a truck dashed me in evening traffic while coming back from office. It hit my right hand side back door and the metal parts on the sides of the door. It was really heavy traffic, moving at 10kmph, so no damage except to the back door and metal parts around, in the car. I went to Balaji motors, Thane. The guy there ensured me of 1 week delivery, but it took exactly 2 weeks and 2 days for them to repair (back door changed, the metal part besides door changed). All paintings done, included back bumper. The bigger things looks ok and has been fixed. But the smaller things have been messed up badly. List goes as below:

    - The locks in drainage strip of the doors on right side (both front and back) has been broken.
    - The black sticker they put up on the door (beside door glass) is not matching with the old one.
    - Today when I opened my bonnet to put some water for wiper, I saw somehow the support stand is badly out of shape. It is able to support the bonnet, but it is not fitting back in the groov at all. So after closing bonnet, it is free and making sound while car is moving.
    - The facial tissue box (Fiat - given free a year or so back) gone missing.
    - Charged Rs 325 for door gasket (inside), but no new gasket was used. They fitted back my old gasket but charged 325 nonetheless.

    I am not sure what all they did with the car, to cause such small small niggles, and how many more such issues will pop-up from time to time. This thought of unknown, is giving me that much more stress now.

    For the drainage strip, they agreed to give me 1. But it is out of stock, So I need to wait. The front one, they just stick it with some special gule stips.

    For mismatch of black sticker, I didn't raised much rucks, as I see the new version had the matt finish and they have put the same. The old one (in front door) is glossy sticker though, and it looks mismatched, when both doors are closed. Still I was OK, since it was smallest of the visible issues.

    No answer for tissue box.

    Once I showed the guy the old gasket , after sufficiently giving him proof (wear n tear, marks) he finally agreed to put new gasket.

    Wiper stand issue is discovered today. Have sms'ed the service guy about it. Will talk to him tomorrow and see what all he has to say.

    Will keep you all posted with how it goes.
  2. DKumar


    Hi Guys, I am feeling lot of noise in my car cabin now-a-days. I have a serious doubt that they have removed sound insulation from my car, from below the bonnet. The stand for bonnet was seriously mis-aligned, and the plastic rippets of black covering (from inside) was pretty loose from the same side. This clearly indicate some mischief been done here with the black covering. I called up one of my friend (having Sports), and viola, he has got white cloth (like a fibrous winter blanket -kambal in hindi) like insulation between the bonnet and a black cover (seen if you open the bonnet). That is missing in my car. Balaji says, that insulation may not be present in my cars at all. Now I am struggling to prove either way, whether it was there or not. 1 thing is sure, the engine sound level has gone up many folds. Launched a complaint with fiat. lets see how it goes.

    Other issue I faced was, they didn't fix the Diesel Inlet cover. It was not opening. Lever was not working at all. Got it fixed next day.

    In all, I already have visited 5 times to get all small - small things fixed, which should have been taken care of before delivery.

    Insulation issue is the one, I am following up now.
  3. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    Email all these issues to Tata & Fiat both. These issues (not solving all issues and creating more issues) repeatedly come and spoiling ownership experience. At some point of time someone (either Tata or Fiat) has to end this.
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  4. punto-er

    punto-er Amatore

    Fiat Exclusive - Balaji Autoworld, Mumbai

    Hello Friends,

    I visited the Balaji Autoworld Fiat Service Center and Dealership on 2nd Feb 2013. I own a TJet+ and it had done close to 5500kms in a lil 0ver 3 months. So I went there for the first free service.

    I reached at 10:35am for a 10:30am appointment. I reside in Kandivali and this FASS is in Thane, so I could excuse myself for the delay blaming traffic. I parked my car and saw the Service area from far and was delighted to see no Tata cars. No Cabs getting serviced next to the gorgeous Italian Beauties. I reported at the reception of the Service Center (More on this later). The receptionist prompt checked for my car number in the list of appointments and requested me to wait in the lounge/waiting room till Mr.Wilson got free.

    Wilson is the name of the Service Incharge. He was buy explaining something to a customer who reached before me and so I didn't mind waiting. I waited in the lounge for about 7 minutes and around 10:42am (yes, I was clocking all this) he greeted me and asked me to join him at his desk. He sat me down, asked for my personal details and then asked for details of what all i need Fixed. The explained the issue I was facing like
    -the Rear Right Side Power Window mechanism seemed jammed and
    -some scratch on the bonnet which I wanted touched-up before rust sets in.
    -Headlight Beam adjustment etc
    We then proceeded to the car that I had earlier parked outside and there I explained the issues to him again. He completed the job-card formalities, got my signature and asked me to visit the nearby malls till he settles all the reported issues and service.

    I then strolled out of the Service Area and reached the neighboring building. Again it was great to see no other excuse of a car sharing space with our Beloved Babes in the Balaji Autoworld Fiat Exclusive Showroom. The showroom looked spacious as it had only 4 cars parked in it, 2 Lines and 2 Points. The whole Freshly Constructed ambiance that the place wore reminded me of a quote from one of my favorite movies "I can still smell the fresh paint. The china had never been used. The sheets had never been slept in....Titanic was called the ship of dreams. And it was. It really". You get my drift by now, I'm sure :) Anyway, the place was clean, with crisp basics. I was again greeted by the smiling receptionist at whom I smiled back and politely explained that I just wanna look around, I already have the TJ and its in service. I then inquired about the staff etc. They currently have 3 Sales Executive, 1 Sales Manager and 1 Sr. Sales Manager. And this would be anyone's escalation levels if need be. I will add a few contacts at the end. I requested to speak to the Sales Manager to have a chat. The 2 Managers were in a meeting, so I waited. In about 10mins, Mr. Ashish Pagare came to meet me. I introduced myself and the one of the ladies from the reception quickly pointed out that I had the big Fiat Stickers on my car :D This made Mr. Pagare very excited and asked me about the visit. Anyway, we then discussed about the dealership and the few points that were given to me are as below:
    (These may be correct/incorrect/speculative in nature but these are not my points, these came up in the discussions, so please take it on face value for now)

    1. Fiat know how big Mumbai and other cities are and has plan to more dealerships by year end. As for Mumbai more specifically, besides this one at Thane, there will be 3 more Fiat Dealership cum Service Centers in North, South and New Bombay areas. These will be up and running by year end.
    2. The delivery time for cars remain unchanged to about 4 weeks (average). This is because even though this FASS takes orders, it still has to send the orders to Tata and from there the orders go to Fiat's Factory. In the post-March2013 future, this time will be reduced as the TATA link in the chain will be bypassed.
    3. Fiat will most-probably launch a car smaller than Punto in this year (mostly by Diwali) (This sounded speculative)
    4. All Fiat car accessories are either in stock or can be ordered and delivered within a max of 2 weeks time.

    Mr.Pagare was positive and enthusiastic about Fiat's Plans and Future and this was great to see compared to the constant comparisons one would see during the FIAT-TATA era (Thank God that era is ending soon).

    After a good chat with the sales manager, I proceeded to the nearby mall as I knew that 1pm to 2pm is the lunch time. After some shopping and lunch, I returned back by 3pm. It was now time to eat Mr.Wilson's head :) Wilson also was well aware of TFI and our factory visit (and TBHP too). He then showed me the whole Service Area. There was the parts store which he claimed is stocked to the brim and after March Fiat has assured that any and every part will be made available in a week (max) including that of the Palio. Then we saw the Paint Booth where a HHB Punto was being painted, followed by the paint mixing booth while the painter was mixing the DuPont Auto Paint to the given specs. The Service Area itself has about 12 Bays. It was squeaky clean because it was so new. It was also fairly well staffed with the Mechs wearing Fiat JumpSuits. Just then my car was being dried after the wash in the sun. It was then taken near the paint booth and Wilson asked the painter to touch-up the exposed metal spots. The painter did a decent job given I was not ready to paint the whole bonnet because of some jealous lunatic. Then Wilson called upon his trusted technician to fix my cock-eyed Low-Beam. He took about an hour, blew of the bulbs but in the end he did an excellent job of aligning the Beams which a Accessory shop guys had botched while checking for upgrade bulbs. Then we went over one final check of the list things I asked him to correct. And all got a check. The Winder in the power-window assembly was changed under warranty and the windows is back to normal. I also got the ugly mudflaps removed for the time being (will get the moulded ones soon).

    My bill was Rs.0 as it was the first service and the Winder was replaced under warranty. By this time there were a few Tata Service Techs in our vicinity, so further questions became I lil awkward to Wilson. But I still asked him about the crucial Labor Costs. I asked if they will change? will they be handed down by Fiat too? To this Wilson could only say that "These things are the same for now, The change will happen only after March" I could sense the tension of the spilt in his voice and ceased any further questions. I was then handed over my Bill by a exec to which Wilson quickly responded "Saab ko naye wale envelope mein dal ke do, aapne online sab acha review chahiye" (Give the Bills in the new envelopes, we don't want negative comments online). I smiled, He smiled, we shook hands, and I started my journey back home.

    Aashish Pagare - Sales Manager - 9821192745 (Email:
    Aarif Shaikh - Sr. Sales Manager - 9224397735
    Bilal Ahmad - Accessories Incharge - 9970728799

    Balaji Autoworld (Balaji Group)
    Mohan Mill Compound, Ghodbunder Road, Thane (w) - 400 607
    Tel.: +91 22 65999999, 6500 8888, 6500 7776

    Service Center: 022 2589 5855
    Mr. Wilson - 9819864847

    Hope this helps!

    Some pictures I clicked (from phone cam) while I was there:

    (PS: I am unable to arrange the pics for some reason. The above Drop-down for attachments shows blank. So please bear with me)


























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  5. zenwalker

    zenwalker Esperto

    Wow amazing and the ambiance looks stunning. Kudos to that showroom and SS. Hope they click pretty fast and serve good to FIAT efforts.

    OT: Receptionists ain't that attractive as Italian beauties (GP/Linea) :evilsmile
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  6. I totally agree....even Kashyap at Noida has better
  7. zenwalker

    zenwalker Esperto

    Guess that is why SA asked Mr. Punto-er to take a walk in the nearby mall :evilsmile

    Ok, sorry. Thats it i am done with OT. Tata :redcar
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  8. nobrakes


    Thanks for the review and pics punto-er. I'm from Borivili, so Mr. Wilson can expect to see me in the near future....unless Fiat open up a service center within city limits soon ;)
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  9. shantanoo


    navi mumbai
    Hey Friends,

    I visited the Balaji Fiat service center on 26th feb 2013. It was for my Fiat Grande punto's (Diesel) second free service.

    I had got a call from the Balaji Fiat service center a couple of weeks earlier to promote their new exclusive service station for FIAT in Mumbai. They insisted me to book a service slot for my car's 2nd free service as well, which i did.:up

    I reached the service Centre @ 11AM and was a bit disappointed to see a comparative small area for the car parking (Max 5 cars can be parked at a time).:redcar
    I waited in the parking bay for about 15 min but no one even bothered to enquire or attend me which added to my disappointment..:sad1

    After asking the security person over there he asked me to check at the reception. I entered my vehicle details on a register at the reception and then a service personal took a test drive of my car. I explained him all the problems which needed to be fixed.

    Then after arriving from the test drive to the service station, I was asked to wait for another 15 min so that a service adviser who has gone out could attend me.

    After about 15 min the service advisor arrives and I have to explain all the problems of the car to him yet again. He then checks the car and walks back to his desk to collect his Job card form... (Another 4-5 min wasted). He prepares the job card and again goes back to his desk and asks another guy to prepare the estimate costing of the bill.

    According to my previous experiences the service adviser has to prepare the inventory of the car as well. Hence i requested him to do so and he just neglected it by saying "please collect all your valuables from the car that’s it"... On further request he sent some another guy to have the car's inventory.::O

    After having done with all the formalities, I asked for the car delivery time and the guy who was supposed to calculate the estimate bill amount prompted "tomorrow 4PM"...with his eyes desperately searching for something his computer screen.. I asked him that it’s only a general free service and a couple of Part replacement (Left and right AC vents and the bonnet cable) which could be done on the same day. But without even bothering to make an eye contact with me he said "that's not possible" and continued viewing his screen...
    Out of my eagerness i dared to peep into his screen only to discover that he was ordering an online pizza which was of at-most priority to him than attending a customer!!!:chair:

    At that time I had an instinct feeling within to cancel this appointment with Balaji service center and to go for Galaxy or Concorde in Mumbai but I wanted to try this exclusive Fiat service center.(If not with the customer interaction but atleast with the service quality I was expecting a smile on my face).:uh

    As per their commitment I called up the service center the next day @ 2PM for the car service status only to discover that my car is still not ready and would get delivered the next day i.e 28th feb 2013... Now this was not done.....After argument they promised to deliver the car by 5PM the same day i.e. 27th feb.

    Eventually I got the delivery @ 6:20 PM. I was handed the service Tax invoice and to my surprise the total bill amount was 8,988/- :shocked … that too for a free service!!!:firey

    The charges imposed were as follows:
    Oil filter 365/-
    air filter 302/-
    wiremesh filter 176/-
    fuel filter 1,830/-
    air vent right 308/-
    air vent left 308/-
    flex/shaft 152/-
    engine oil 2,112/-
    2nd free service 416/-
    AC vent fitment charges 300/-
    3M Interior cleaning 1,187/-
    12.5% VAT 675/-
    Labor invoice amount 2,138/-
    Total 8,988/-

    Now some of the concern things here are..
    1) Why AC vent and Flex/shaft not repaired under warranty?
    2) If it’s a free service that why am I charged Rs 416/- under the tag of 2nd free service?
    3) Why is the labor invoice amount so large?

    I had a long debate regarding this with the Balaji service officials but all in vain...neither i got a convincing explanation neither I got a wave off in the total bill amount. :boxer:punch

    To be very frank...this was the most 'PATHETIC' and 'DISGUSTING' service experience i ever had:A...

    If things continue in this manner for FIAT then I wonder that the post sales service level can go down considerably. Personally I won’t visit this service center ever again.:rage
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  10. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    2 different experience are in so much contrast.

    On your bill, its was free service so below charge needs explanation -

    • 2nd free service 416/-
    • Labor invoice amount 2,138/-

    Also, this 3M interior cleaning I assume you would have opted, IMO these things should be done outside of ASS. These inflated your bill.

    Do shoot email to Fiat or go to their webpage and lodge a complaint, above 2 items should not have been charged.

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