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1-115/99, Sy No. 99, Vinayakanagar, Hafeezpet, Hyderabad, Telangana 500049
  1. pabhishek

    pabhishek Esperto

    Linea T-Jet
    That's indeed a bad news, also read today morning that fiat dealer in hubli is sharing dealership with Tata commercial vehicles. Less profit/revenue forcing this?:(

    Hope we get some better news also after these 2 sad news. I hope fiat is here for long in this inning!
  2. arunprasad

    arunprasad Amatore

    Linea 1.3
    It's a bad news; I have been servicing my car with Ankitha and always got good service from them. In the past 1 year I have not used any other SC - I have had bad experience with at least one other SC.
  3. manas_270

    manas_270 Timido

    Punto Evo 1.3 90 HP
    Kind of disheartened to hear the news since I had plans of purchasing my Punto in next few months [Waiting for Punto TJet launch to decide on TJet / 90HP]

    Having read such good reviews about their SC, kind of made up my mind to purchase from Ankitha since they are closer to my workplace/home as well. This news is such a dampener :banghead:
    I noticed FIAT also updated their website & Test drive request doesn't have Ankitha now.

    Not sure what exactly transpired between Ankitha & Fiat to come up with this decision but hopefully good sense prevails & Fiat can work this out & hopefully reinstate them. If not, at least have another new dealer in Kukatpally/Gachibowli area to cater to folks living in this part of town.

    Sad to see though that Ankitha with all the infrastructure they had go down this route. Any chance for Hyd Fiatian's to know the reason?
  4. Dr. Fixated

    Dr. Fixated Novizio

    Linea 1.3
    We got Linea MJD from Ankitha Motors just some ten days ago. Now this happens. Ankitha Motors is (rather 'was') located at a very convenient location for people residing in West Hyderabad. But the shop is not on the main road it is some 100 meters away from the spotlight. And the experience has been good overall.

    Someone I know (not the folks at Ankitha) told me that he (over)heard FIAT was sort of pushing Ankitha to move to a prime Gachibowli area for more visibility. Caveat is that this person cannot confirm the story and also this could also be completely unrelated but if this is indeed the reason, it is difficult to fathom.
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  5. PradeepM

    PradeepM Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    Hello Dr,
    I can confirm that what you heard is absolutely true. The primary reason for FIAT to take this call was Ankitha not setting up a showroom in a better location and the management at Ankitha did not find it logical to absorb huge additional costs in terms of real estate which can anyways not be compensated with the great monthly sales numbers that FIAT does. Personally I feel that FIAT acted too strong in this scenario, who cares about a swanky showroom where we spend hardly a few hours end to end during the purchase. What matters to customers is strong and better after sales support and Ankitha was definitely in this league which is kind of rare among FIAT FASC.
    There are many folks posting their feedback and expressing displeasure on FIAT FB page about this decision, and I would request everyone to contribute if they feel it is appropriate.
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  6. Dr. Fixated

    Dr. Fixated Novizio

    Linea 1.3
    @PradeepM This doesn't come across as a good development. FIAT sells less than 1000 cars a month with 100+dealers, despite the products being really good, and expects the dealers to spend huge money on some hi-phi showroom and for what? Let your products do the talking. Meanwhile, try to improve the service levels.
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  7. apraveen25

    apraveen25 Novizio

    Sorry to say this but I have very bad experiences with Ankitha motors recently.

    1. I went for them for 45000km service for my Punto, but they did 60000km service(without asking me) which cost lot more to my pocket.
    2. I had an rattle issue with front left door(only one). They tried to fix this issue and opened both front doors. Result is, more rattles from both doors when window is half opened(no issues when completely close or open).
    3. When I complained about it and gave for check-up, they said issue with motors and they need to replace with new ones (in both doors).
    4. I rejected their claim immediately, and went to Butta next day. They fixed it in 20 minutes(issue was, glass is not fixed properly in both doors).
    5. Finally, whatever you explain the issue, they simply replace that part(whatever the cost it is). They don't try to repair (may be lack of experienced mechanics).

    I am not happy about their termination but they should have done better(at least in my case).
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  8. Sheldor

    Sheldor Novizio

    Fiat Enthusiast
    I was expecting this news actually. I was on the hunt to book an Avvy with Ankitha (near to my place) but was told that Ankitha will be shut down. I also heard that AV motors is setting up a new one in Gachibowli (in another 6 months).
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  9. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr

    Could that be a Jeep dealership, that AV Motors is rumoured to be setting up...? Or a Jeep-cum-Fiat one, one wonders?

    You Hyderabad guys needn't worry I guess: there are other FASS in hyderabad, no?

    Unless, those are poorly reputed? Even if they aren't perfect, the ass situation will hopefully be at least...acceptable/tolerable?

    It is surely better to have fewer but bigger and financially sounder dealers and FASS than to have, as in delhi ncr, a veritable plethora of strugglers with only only one or two (apparently) sound ones. No?

    Ah just another (small?) 'trial and tribulation' of Fiat in India! Let's see. The penny might drop for one or two dealers and FASS in delhi ncr too. Which is fine if that helps strengthen and improve those left.


    Grande Punto 1.3
    Ankita was best team i have seen in Hyderabad. Atleast better than Volkswagen which i visited recently ( Those idiots charged me 1000 Rs for topping up engineoil for new polo tdi and gave me 200ml in bottle..that was height of daylight robbery. I think new thread has already started in popular Auto-forum ) .
    Ankita team were honest and ready to take care of every problem. They tried to build trust in FIAT Owners. The location of Service station though far from Inner Hyderabad city was good and Spacious. Ground reality is no dealer would not survive with 20-30 car sales per month and there has been no scope of increase in sales since long time. Whatever the reason they are parting from FIAT, I wish them all the best. Thanks Balraj,Pandurangan and others.
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