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1-115/99, Sy No. 99, Vinayakanagar, Hafeezpet, Hyderabad, Telangana 500049
  1. raavs

    raavs Timido

    guyss....any news regarding FASC in Visakhapatnam....fiatians in vizag deperately need it....jus could not go any where to fix the issues of the car...its high time we need an authorised service centre...

  2. rudresh

    rudresh Regolare

    Hyderabad, India
    Often we complain about Fiat service but, after visiting Ankita Fiat, I must say I was immensely impressed and would advise anyone in Hyd to choose this over Butta. The advantages over Butta are

    1. Bigger front office to park the car
    2. Very clean service area and spacious
    3. Well mannered staffs from reception to service adviser to billing counter
    4. Did not misguide me in terms of parts and labor costs: actual billing was in fact little lower than estimated cost
    5. Still some old school mechanics there like if something is fixable, then they will fix it than replace. saves money.

    I visited for some body work, my car got under scrapped badly when I visited a construction site 2 days before and engine guard was badly bent which resulted front bumper misalignment too. I had to change the engine guard and looking the condition of it, I am sure if it was a plastic then I was there for a bigger damage. Thanks Fiat.

    They had to change the guard, i asked if they can make it straight by hitting like old school but making aligned with the screw holes would have been tough. Wheel alignment was also checked and tire rotation was done. Then they washed the car quite good like any other washing centers.

    Total damage 1785 including parts and labor. Did not claim insurance. Good job Ankitha Motors.
  3. girilive4u

    girilive4u Timido

    Fiat Exclusive, Ankitha Motors, Hyderabad

    The Best FASS ( Ankitha Motors ) in Hyderabad I can say. The Staff and technicians are excellent. I had few service related issues in my punto, they have resolved the issues with ease. whereas other service centre didn't resolve the issue even after followups. My special thanks to Mr Shyam. You guys rock :)

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  4. pgorthi

    pgorthi Timido

    Ankitha Motors, Hyderabad

    At a car dealership, the person who sells the car is the hero, and also gets the commission. But if the mechanics don't service that car well, the customer won't return. And in my case entire team from Ankitha Group who realized this fact are heroes.I am really satisfied and happy with their customer service.

    Let me share my experience with Ankitha Group. I had been to other dealers like Tejaswi Motors and others who used to think they are rulers in Hyderabad city prior to entry of Ankitha in market.But I was never happy with their service. At some point of time I had repent for purchasing fiat car. Because every time when I visit their premises with any complaint, either they used to convince me with some kind stupid answers or used to leave it incomplete.I never experienced the value for money at Tejaswi Motors and others.

    Last year my car met a serious accident and I had spent Rs. 2.7 Lakh to get my beauty repaired. Except engine remaining everything was scrapped.Now you can imagine the severity of accident. Infact they took 4 months to get the whole thing done that too after getting the whole thing escalated to Fiat India Head of Customer Services Mr.Manish Mishra. When I threatened them that I would take the whole thing to consumer court, Ramesh Gandi Dy. Manager from Fiat personally attended my vehicle taken care of my vehicle. Even after everything done when I took my car into my hands I never felt that it was like prior to accident.

    When Ankitha entered market one of my services advisors who moved to Ankitha invited me to their premises in the beginning days. It is really good. They treat customers with utmost respect and their service is really awesome. They listen to my complaints with lot of patience and reach beyond. Unlike other dealers they stick to the timely commitments they promise. In my case most of the times Service adviser Vishal or Shyam used to attend my vehicle. Occasionally the service head and manager too attended my vehicle as I am their promising customer :). They have marvelous team who understand the issues clearly and address them promptly.

    All the long term issues in my vehicle which started after the last year's major accident had been resolved now and I am celebrating my car's second anniversary with happiness :)

    Good job Ankitha team. More miles to go... :)
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  5. vj_v1

    vj_v1 Superiore

    Glad u had a great experience at Ankitha.

    We already have a couple of threads for ankitha motors where you can post ur review.

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  6. We really value your appreciation sir thankyou very much. We will strive to serve you better.

    Ankitha Motors
  7. jeyarunkumar

    jeyarunkumar Timido

    Good Service @ Ankitha Motors, Hyderabad

    Dear Friends,
    I got my new Punto serviced last Saturday. I felt service quality is too good. They listen to all my complaints and rectified.
    Worth going Ankitha for any complaints and for free services. I don't realize that they opened recently, they work like experts in customer facing and technical knowledge.

    Thanks Ankitha,
    Thanks Rahman & Shyam (who did servicing).
  8. Sou

    Sou Timido

    Ankitha guys went out of their way to fix an issue with my AC component Fan button which FIAT company said replace the whole AC component for 20k. Ankitha Fixed it for 2500.
    Mr. Pandurangan - The Service Head went outta his way to pay personal attention to my care and case and did it. That deserves an applause.

    I'd also caution against checking whether all your problems have been fixed coz I did have to send my car back to fix a small niggly issue which wasnt done properly, again Mr.Pandu took care of it. So keep in touch with him if you're looking at bigger issues in your car.
  9. rudresh

    rudresh Regolare

    Hyderabad, India
    Done 3rd free service from Ankitha today. costed 8900/-

    Once again quality and attentiveness were excellent. They were pretty fast when I asked that I am in a hurry. Did the Wheel alignment too.

    Service Advisor was Sudheer. Good Job.
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  10. yomanyo

    yomanyo Timido

    Thanks fellow Fiatians. I recently moved to Hyd and was inactive in this forum for a long time. My bad. I need my beauty to be serviced as there are couple of squeaks in the car I guess because it hit a few nasty pot holes in the road. Today I called Ankita Motors and they said they will pick the car and drop after service. The lady was courteous and said the car will be taken care and a service manager will call me today to understand more about the problems. Waiting for a good service from Ankita. Will share my experience :) Thanks again all my Fiatians for the recommendation.

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