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58/1A, Singasandra, Hosur Main Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560069 India
  1. hotkar

    hotkar Timido

    At around 1pm this noon, i get a call, it was quite surprising as we generally have signal in our steel walled OTs. It was from Mr Suhas of Vecto Motors. he said the chrome tip was approved and i could get it right away, he asked me if i were free then only to get it fixed. i said i would come over by 4 n get it fixed. quickly wrapped up my cases and dashed to Vecto by 4 to get it fixed. i missed Mr Rafiq, he was on a leave for Bakrid, another fella fixed it while i was chatting wid Mr Suhas and he said they were even ready to come over to my house to fix it. realised that my woes posted on TFI have fallen on the right ears and i got all that i was promised. Thanks to TFI and the higher authorities of Vecto motors . wanna get my fog lamps fixed, will get it done soon ... the chrome tip looks great on the red punto. my red monkey just grew a cute little tail.
  2. aswin.sukumar

    aswin.sukumar Timido

    Hi Team,

    I am a bit concerned with the behavior of Vecto Motors, Bangalore. I have booked a Punto Dynamic MJD at Vecto Motors on 12th October’13 and performed the PDI. I was accompanied by couple of friends who are Team-BHP-ians on Saturday, 9th November’13 and while checking the engine number (0360110) and the VIN (MCA118B5E07045936AKZ)
    we found out that the engine was manufactured in 2012 and the car was assembled on January’13.

    I went around the car and was bit surprised to find the below:
    1. Cobwebs on the front wheel caps and inside below the front passenger seat.
    2. The plastics that cover the C and D pillar on the inside had faded spots.
    3. We tried everything but the rear seat was not latching itself on to the lock.
    4. The rubber sill flaps on the rear doors had atleast an inch gap.
    5. The seatbelt caps on both the front seats were falling apart.
    6. The RHS beading next to the OVRM were displaced as if it were tampered.

    I was promised by the sales person that I will allotted a car assembled in June’13. I was surprised and when confronted with the sales person, what he had to say was that Vecto Motors received this car in June’13, which was rolled out from the factory on Jan’13.
    Now, I expect a 10 months depreciation value as a discount. Once the vehicle is registered with the RTO in my name, I have to take the brunt of the depreciation of 10 months(almost a year old car from Vecto Motors), even though I am buying it on Nov'13.
    Has there been any similar events recorded with Vecto Motors yet or is it the “Fiat India few old habits die hard!”.
    Please advise.!
  3. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Though the issues are minor, but I am not sure why Jan manufactured car is being sold now.
    Did you see how much KM it has been driven, and did you see 'H' on ODO?

    I hope you have not paid full amount, insist on newer car.
  4. aswin.sukumar

    aswin.sukumar Timido

    Its 68kms done, the vehicle is not bad with the minor cosmetic issues.
    The only worry part is the depreciation cost for the past 10 months, which they are not compromising on!
    My bad the payment is done(my downpayment and the bank has done the of the loan too).

    I didn't check notice the "H" in the Odo :(
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2013
  5. fiat_newbie

    fiat_newbie Timido


    After a great amount of convincing (both my parents and myself), we decided to buy Grande Punto MJD - pebble white -- My first car.

    During my PDI, this Wednesday, the car odo reading showed H160Km - was taken back here. The reason the dealers mentioned was that, the car was driven from some yard to the showroom. But all the the other cars in showroom had the ODO readings in the range 50-60KM. With a hard mind I let it pass.

    Now, when I visited the showroom after one day, the odo reading showed H180KM and they have changed the OVRMs to black color (pebble white car).

    When enquired the sales person had no idea, why the mirror was changed and where the car was driven to. And from nowhere an accessory in-charge came and he told, the OVRM was removed to validate some color coding. The extra ODO reading was for dealer PDI, it seems.

    I am just completely lost now. Is this odo reading of H180KM acceptable ? And also, on seeing my cars OVRM being replaced by another one, can this be some donor car ? The VIN read DJZ, so it's a Apr'14 car.

    - fiat_newbie
  6. prabhoda

    prabhoda Timido

    Hi Friendz,

    One of my friendz was intrested in buying a fiat punto in June 2014, and i refered him to Vecto motors and the the Sales Adviser ( yadurveda) told that because I am an existing customer for fiat and they have a referral program by which I was eligible for a referal coupon for Rs5,000 which i could remit either for the service or for accessories.

    After the vehicle was delivered to my friend in June I was told that it will take about 2 months time as it has to be coming in from fiat. So again i followed it up in Aug/Sep 2014 and i was told by the same Sales Advisor that the coupons are ready and he will drop in that to my office and there was no necessity of me to come to their showroon driving all the way for 60 km.

    later when i enquired about the same in the month of Oct 2014 i was told the SA had quit the job and he has handed over the coupons to his Manager. So again i make a long trip all the way to the vecto motors traveling 60 km and i was told the Manager (Vinay ) was at the mysore road office. So when i spoke to him over the phone and he asked me to send my friend details and the vehicle number by sms and he told he will check back on this and will call me. But even after 1 week i didnt receive any call from Vinay so i again call and he tells me that service coupon cannot be given but i can come and get accessories fixed for Rs5,000 as they have stopped giving this service coupons. I aggreed for this also and he asked me to come the next week.

    So Today (14th Nov) when i told him that i am coming in tomorrow to get the accossories fitted, I was told that the management has told that Referal coupons are stopped right from Jan/Feb 2014 and i will not be getting anything and that my name was not written on the file. I do not understand how can a referal guy write his name in the files of Vecto motors which the vecto guys are maintaining.

    So this way the vecto guys are cheating the customers promising something and later give unnessory reasons and leaving the customers empty handed. So any bluffing referal coupons these people are saying is all just false so be careful on those.

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