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58/1A, Singasandra, Hosur Main Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560069 India
  1. redbull


    Re: Prerana Motors, Bangalore

    Yes FIAT has this annoying attitude of not responding to emails. I wrote 3 emails to FIAT and Prerana for RSA booklet and ext warranty manual but not one single reply. Although after a month Prerana themselves called up and said the manuals had arrived. The only "official" email reply came from Prerana after this. They asked for my email id over phone to send me the email response :lol: Which means my emails were lost. There is no complaint ticket system, so how will they track the emails. In comparison, even a CC to Hyundai customer service email get a ticket number alloted. Now it is different matter that Hyundai are not able to rectify deep technical problems in their cars, but things like manuals, documentation, record keeping etc. is very promptly handled - I mean this is a no brainer.
  2. neil_jericho

    neil_jericho Timido

    Bangalore / Cochin
    Re: Prerana Motors, Bangalore

    Had been to Prerana Motors to check out the Fiat Punto a couple of months back. The sales people were extremely courteous and friendly and despite having landed there at 7 PM on a saturday night they were in no hurry and answered all my queries honestly. The sales person made a couple of suggestions with regard to accessories that were actually in my interest & not that of the dealership / company. I was taken aback by his straightforwardness. I had been to Hyundai, Maruti, Chevrolet & Ford before this and never experienced anything like this. Overall a big thumbs up to Prerana when compared to Concorde, Bangalore.
  3. palio&linea


    Hi Neeraj. Congrats on the booking.
    I had booked Linea MJD from Preranan Lalabhag rd and got the delivery on 28th.
    I had a really tough time with those guys. In spite of asking them couple of times that i need to c the vehicle in the yard before it is registered they refused by saying that they do not allow anybody in the yard.
    After insisting a lot they got the vehicle one day before registration and it was 9pm that i saw the vehicle(i was waiting from 6 in the evening). The registration process was horrible. They delayed it by 2 days. The sales executive did not show any commitment to give the vehile on the day i wanted (26-May). 26th was my parents anniversery and wasnted to gift them the car but the dealer cold not relate to all this and recklessly delyed it by 2 days . i got the delivery on 28th. This happened only after i followed things with the RTO chaps and they promised me that they would register the vehicle on 28th at any cost.
    Coming on to the PDI .
    1.There were visible scrathes on almost every part of the vehicle.
    2.Under the bonnet there were too many scratches
    3. Under the rear bumper the paint had peeled off.
    4.There were bubbles in the boot door.
    5.Dashboard had stains that could not be removed.
    6.The rear chrome strip had almost come off.

    I called the head of PDI and showed him all this and the only reply that i got was that the vehicle was already registered and they were only the gaurdians. I had no other option than to go for the car nevertheless they have promised me that they would rectify all the defects.

    Neeraj this was only my experience and hope such things do not happen with your PUNTO.
    I had taken my palio from prerana lalbhag rd 3 yrs back and the process was really smooth.

    My advice is that please go to the yard and check the car in broad daylight before registration.
    The sales executive in the FIAT section are not commited even the team lead for that matter.

    Anyways Neeraj hope things go fine with you and in case you need any help can call me on 7829909939

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  4. clash81

    clash81 Regolare

    On the contrary, my experience with Prerana Lal Bagh road was different. True, after booking he told the vehicle will be delivered in 2 odd weeks. In between they called me and offered 2010 make punto's which i out rightly denied. Then they sought an extension for the delivery date, i was ok with it, as i was still getting my driving skills honed.

    All in all, there was about 2 weeks delay in the initially agreed upon delivery date and i insisted on getting an April 2011 make vehicle. I did get it. Talk to Vijay, the Fiat sales head of Prerana, Lal Bagh Road. He is very professional in his attitude and his work.

    I had asked the sales fella to inform me when the vehicle arrives. (He had provided the VIN a week before the arrival of the vehicle). To my dismay, it happened so that i received a call from a person from prerana who deals with registration of the vehicle, asking if i had any choice of Numbers that i want. I told him not to go ahead with reg as i had to do a PDI. Immediately called the Sales fellow and gave him a piece of my mind. He told me to come down for PDI.

    Went to Prerana Lal Bagh road showroom and there my vehicle was getting washed. I checked the vehicle using the TFI checklist and was very happy to see that there we no scratches or any issues. It was prim and perfect to say the least. The sales fellow did accompany us while doing the pdi and clarified all the doubts i had. No issues there.

    From my experience with them, i understand if we make a hurry for getting the car delivered, they also dont take care of essential checks that needs to be performed. I have read in TFI about occasions where car was brought to the buyers house directly from the yard without cleaning and sorts.

    I completely understand the expectations and eagerness of owning a new car but if we tend to give them a bit of leniency in terms of time, i think they will do a decent job. If you find the sales fella incompetent (That was the case with me!), talk to Vijay.
  5. HI Palio&Linea,

    thanks for the update. I have booked the car, and Mr. Vijay sales head told me that he will give me delivery on by 15th june but i m looking for 17th. I told him that i will do full PDI before it goes to RTO. today is 2nd day, no updates.. one thing i would like to ask, I have purchase Punto with exchange of my palio. And till now i have not given the car original papers to the showroom guys. Should i wait till i get my new car Delivery date conform and then handover the old car papers(i have signed the form20 and other form for selling my used car).. and they told me you can use your car till you get the delivery of new car. i`ll be out of station from 4th to 13th June... so looking to have a smooth process of my 2nd new car. :)
  6. hi all just got my VIN number from Mr. Vijay its MCA*****E********EMZ(sorry didn`t feel free to expose chassis and engine number). if i see its may 2011 make.
  7. palio&linea


    Hi . Good that you got ur VIN number.
    I also disposed my fathers 7 yr old indigo with them, but as far as i understand once u sign the form 29 and put the date on that it means that you have disposed the vehicle. I am not sure how they are handling in ur case. Have they already given the amount that you got on palio as a downpayment ot ur punto?
    My opinion is that once form 29 and 30 is signed it is better to give the vehicle and the document .
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  8. @palio&linea: actually it was agreed mutually understanding that i can run the old car till i get my new car as i don`t have cab(transport) facilities from Company. The old car+ all discounts have been subtracted from the new car on road price. and the difference amount i need to pay him. till now its very smooth process and hope this will be continued till i get me car(finger crossed )... anyway i will be out of station for 10day so my old car won`t be running. and once i m back i will do the PDI and other finances closing.
  9. palio&linea


    fine.. anyways since you would be outstation it shld be fine.
    as people have mentioned here catch hold of Vijay and Sai , things would be fine dont worry.
    You can also speak to Mr. Ullal Prerana Motors MD . He sits in the second floor.This is just in case ,
    Prerana service is actually good but the sales executive Mr. Sanket was new to this and he had no proactiveness in handling the case. The only call that i have got from him is today that he has the number plates ready. Inspite of calling him couple of times there was not a single call from him. Anyways al this is past as of now, i m really enjoying my Linea . Had taken her to mysore the next day , 3 days and 600 kms covered .

    Who is the executive who is handling ur booking???
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  10. thanks for the info ... even i feel mr. Vijay is very nice and process oriented. i have booked 76PS Emotion BNW. i found that was in my budget.

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