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41 CIT 1st Main Rd Chennai, TN 600035 India
  1. Vikram Ilavarasan

    Vikram Ilavarasan Timido

    Avventura 1.3 90 HP
    First things first. RDC is a small group as compared to Ramkay FIAT and as everyone should be knowing Ramkay not only has FIAT under its kitty but as well many other brands and hence the affordability of providing the customers more offers is supposedly more in Ramkay FIAT than RDC. But let me tell you I liked RDC better than Ramkay in the customer service. I was in touch with Srinivasan from RDC, who was very much helpful and giving me a very honest opinion and the best deals in hand. I was always in contact with him and wanted to give him the deal, as I got the best offer from him, though I could've checked with the other dealer on this offer and played a good game and got a better offer but didn't just for his honesty and his attitude. I had even presented my documents to him for the loan approval process. Unfortunately, due to the heavy rain in Chennai during this time, the deal was put to hibernation. When I got back to him for the same offer, he informed me that the offer is no more because the FIAT themselves have taken it off. Though I know it was a genuine reason I couldn't allow myself to get the same car for more price, I was seriously put off. As fate would have it, I ended up striking a deal with Ramkay just because of a known contact.Hmm, putting rest aside, I feel the customer service in RDC is way ahead compared to Ramkay and I also feel bad that RDC couldn't give the offer and the goodies what Ramkay gave(that's just because of one person), though I wanted to make a deal with RDC. I would definitely rate RDC 4 stars :)

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