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  • Pandit Auto - Pune
    Deep Bungalow Chowk Model Colony, Shivaji Nagar Pune, Maharashtra 411005 IN
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Deep Bungalow Chowk Model Colony, Shivaji Nagar Pune, Maharashtra 411005 India
  1. Maverickxx2006

    Maverickxx2006 Amatore

    I have posted my dealership review on Team-Bhp, posting it here as well.

    I received my Punto on 17th June'10 (Anniversay day of Punto launch and the day my baby girl turned six months).

    Delivery process went thru its usual trademark.

    1. First shock I have to bear is the price rise (around 6K).

    2. I had booked my car in May and paid booking amount. So any sane person would assume that whatever the schemes that were applicable would be passed on to me. Seeing the schemes offered in May, I had booked the car. When I was writing the cheque for balance amount, the sales person announced that the 10,000 Rs bonus scheme has been withdrawn and that only free insurance, 2 yrs extended warranty schemes will be applicable as per June Scheme.

    My fuse has now blown off.

    I storm in to branch managers cabin and demand explanation. He cooly tells me he can't do anything as these are not dealers schemes and that Tata Motors have withdrawn the scheme. I blast him and remind him that seeing the schemes offered in May I had booked the car. If the car is delayed I'm not responsible. I place a call to Tata motors and appraise them of the situation and threaten them that if I'm not offered the May schemes and 10K discount, I'm going to cancel my booking right away. This also amounts to cheating of customers as they are not honouring the schemes as declared in the advts.
    Tata motors officials speak with branch manager of Pandit and they decide to bear the 10K amount.

    3. Sales person had given me the list of documents required for registration and I had promptly given all of the documents.
    On the delivery date he cooly informs me that now PAN card is also required. I blast him for informing late. I loose one day.

    4. If you buy from Pandit, you will never ever get any freebies like mud flaps and floor mats. Poor sales guy who offered me free mud flaps and floor mats received sound thrashing from his supervisor for offering the same. I came to know later about this.

    Got the car for 6,10,000 Rs on road.
    Specs: 1.3MJD E

    Inspite of bad expereince earlier, I opted Pandit over BuB for two reasons -
    1. Sales guy was least interested and did not turned up for TD.
    2. When I did TD of Palio earlier, the vehicle was not marked as TD and the odo was disconnected. When I asked him if the vehicle will be passed as new one to a customer he smiled. At least Pandit has proper TD marked vehicle. Sales guy at pandit was active (till I gave the booking amount).

    I have promptly sent detailed feedback to FIAT and have received acknowledgement.

    I have driven 400kms till now and I'm thoroughly enjoying the beauty. Will be posting my review shortly.
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  2. obliex

    obliex Amatore

    Re: Pandit Auto, Pune

    Hi Maverick ,

    Sorry to be the devil's advocate but paying the booking amount does not mean you get the discount of month. The car dealers normally state that the offers and discount are subject to the full payment of the car. If you have a look at the price list the dealer gives you , it is always printed there , maybe as "between-the-lines" stuff , but it will be there.So discounts offered in June may not be offered in July if you have not made the full payment in June itself. And yeah it is highly unlikely that the discounts are withdrawn in the mid of the month.
    I am not supporting the dealer here in anyway, and I sure do understand you frustration, but well that's the way this business goes.
  3. Andy

    Andy Esperto

    Chembur Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.3
    Re: Pandit Auto, Pune

    but at the end they finally were ready to bear the 10k difference na... Good.. And enjoy your baby.. Am sure you'd be.. Drive safe

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  4. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    Re: Pandit Auto, Pune

    You're right. The prices/ offers are invariably effective either on the date of receipt of full & final payment or delivery of the car.
  5. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    Re: Pandit Auto, Pune

    Hay congratulations...
    Talking about the accessories part FOC by dealer (Pandit Auto) here, even I also faced the same situation. The sales representative committed me to give Mud Flaps, Matting & Filming free of cost at the time of booking. When I went to showroom before 2 days of delivery the same sales person came to me & was saying that we are not able provide you any free accessories. I am sorry.
    I was :firey that time. I went directly showroom manager he took case of that sales guy & provided me the accessories which was committed by that Sales guy.

    I am not satisfied with the service which I got from the Pandit Auto they not keeping their commitments.

    Talking about the discount, I got this much discount after the full payment of the car. :wow
    1) Rs. 10000 cash discount
    2) Rs. 12000 corporate discount
    3) Approx. Rs. 15000 insurance free.
    4) Rs. 5000 against extended warrenty.
    5) Free RSA.
    As my address is out of PMC octrai I got my car Rs. 13000 cheaper.
    Total on road price: FIAT Punto 1.2 Emotion 4.98 lacs.
  6. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Re: Pandit Auto, Pune

    The sales persons should inform the buyers clearly this clause.
    But this is true everywhere. At-least you got the rebate, if you go with Hyundai/Maruti, its you take or go away.
  7. Re: Pandit Auto, Pune

    Sales Experience
    Was very good. The SA Rahul Joshi was quite persitent with his follow up and answered all my queries patiently. I received all quotations on time and response from the loan advisor was good as well.

    Delivery Experience
    Car was delivered on promised date (was delayed due to SBI loan and my traveling). Car was cleaned, fitted with the requested accessories and small ceremony was performed.

    I have raised one issue with Pandit on the insurance issue. I was quoted a figure of Rs.23+ for the insurance. The scheme was free insurance+EW+RSA on payment of Rs Rs3000/- which I availed. On road price quoted was 9.35 L

    On receiving the document, I saw the insurance amount to be Rs16+ which makes it a difference of Rs9K.

    I am sure the insurance guys knew what would be the premium and have deliberately quoted higher at time of quotation thereby making that difference as their profit.

    Car is behaving quite OK as of now. Rear door beading on RHS door has come off. Also Blue and me and wash and wipe is functioning intermittently. Will have to visit Pandit Auto this weekend.
  8. DeepPai


    Re: Pandit Auto, Pune

    I got my Punto 90 HP from Pandit Auto last month and would like to share my frustrating experience with the dealer.

    I had read on this and other forums about the bad sales and service of Pandit Auto. Unfortunately, the only other dealer in Pune - BU Bhandari stopped selling Fiat since end of November 2010 so I had no choice but to get my car from Pandit.

    I visited their showroom on Tilak Road for the first time at the end of October. I met a sales agent named Nachiket. He knew about the car he was selling and that was impressive. When I asked for a test ride I was told that they will give me a call in a few days to schedule it.

    I waited for a week and in the mean time took test rides of Fabia and i20 but got no response from Pandit Auto. I called him up again the next week and asked him what the problem was. This time the car was at my door steps in a day. First thing I noticed was that the car was on temporary registration and already had a scratch on its driver side. When I inquired about it, they assured me that it is not a delivery vehicle but a new test drive car (white color 90 hp). The test drive convinced me to buy the 90 hp. I told the driver of the TD vehicle to tell the sales agent to call me to buy the car.

    I finally got a quote from Mr. Rahul in Pandit Auto in the first week of November, Rs. 771663 (no insurance). The car was going to be in the name of my company and funded by Religare so I got a total discount of Rs. 18k included in the quote above.

    The next month and a half was spend calling up both Religare and Pandit Auto following up on the PO/Payments and Delivery date. It seemed like they both were not interested in proactively doing any thing. After a few heated calls they gave me a delivery date of December 24th. I thought that this was the last time I will have to deal with them but I was wrong.

    I was called at the dealership at 1:00 pm to collect the car. I reached there at sharp 12:50. I was asked to wait for 15 minutes so they could ready the car, wash it etc. I had to sign some documents so was taken to the "delivery" section of the showroom. This place was like some government office with paper strewn all around and total chaos. It took them 10 minutes to find my packet. When I inspected the documents, it turned out that they delivery date on that was stamped as last week of November! I asked them about it and they said the date is of tax invoice and that it will not affect the service interval which will start from 24th December. Next I found a insurance cover note that did not belong to my car, they had put someone else cover note in my packet.

    I was again asked to wait for some time because all their drivers were having lunch so there was nobody bring the car up. It was almost 2:15pm now and both my wife and I were hungry. We told them that we will come back in 15 minutes after having lunch and to have the car ready by then. At the same time, we told their accessory department to fit original Punto mud flaps and floor mats as shown on their website.

    We came back at 2:45 and the car was there with the accessories. I did a quick check and found scratches in 2-3 places which was cleaned by them. I also so the passenger side front allow was heavily scratched and the dealer told me it is usual in transportation. He cleaned that too saying if they appear again after use he will replace the alloy.

    Next a sales agent sat in the car to give a demo. the first thing he said after sitting is
    . I asked him not to touch the car and get out. He told me that the guy who is supposed to give the demo has gone for lunch and we'll have to wait for him for the demo.

    I had enough by this time. I decided to take the delivery without the demo and just get the hell out of that showroom.

    When I reached home, I noticed he had fitted cheap Rs. 200 worth generic floor mats and charged me for the original ones. Also I was charged for the dicky mats and there were absent. I called up the dealer and he said that they are out of stock!! Why did they charge me if they were out of stock on accessories! His prompt reply was that the accessory division is separate so he is not responsible!

    I also noticed that they did not give me anything for the extended warranty. For that too he said the booklet was out of stock!!

    Next I noticed that there was no water in the wiper jets. Also when I plugged in a USB stick, I could not go to next track without using the steering controls which annoyed my wife a lot. Also there was no way to navigate through folders which is a very basic audio control available on all systems. Again, the Pandit guy said he did not know why it is not working and that probably the stereo system is defective!!

    The worst experience was when I had to get a refund of my booking amount back for the Rs. 25000 that I had paid upfront. The dealer told me on 24th December that I will get it in a few days. When I called in first week of Jan, he said their Unix servers were down (WT*??). I called again on 13th Jan and he said I would require a NOC from my company to issue a check on my name. I gave the NOC that day itself. I was told that it will take couple more days before getting the refund amount.

    I got a call today 18th Jan that my refund check is ready and I should come collect it. When my wife went to pick up the check, the amount was of 21k instead of 25k with the reason that Religare (the funding company) has not paid the amount of rs 4k!!! I asked them for details and it turns out that all the amount was actually paid, but Pandit insists that there is a short of Rs 4k.

    I refused to take the check and logged a complaint on the fiat-india website. To my surprise, I got a call from fiat which was very assuring that everything will be rectified and that I will get my refund amount back. Alas that was not the end of it.

    I get an email from dealer that says the on road price of the car is more that what the initial quote was and hence the Rs 4k difference!!! All this out of the blue and for no reason.

    I am now considering filing a case of harassment and cheating against the dealer and meeting up with a lawyer in the evening.

    All this has ruined the fun of driving an excellent car. I feel like I paid 7.7lakhs for a big headache.

    If you are planning to buy a Fiat, I will ask you to think twice. Not because the car is bad, on the contrary the car is excellent. But only because the dealership is pathetic and they will frustrate you till that nice GP 90 starts feeling like a Nano.
  9. saharsh

    saharsh Regolare

    Re: Pandit Auto, Pune

    My experience with pandit automobiles was excellent. I booked a fiat linea emotion pack medium grey on 21st september 2009 and got the delivery on 26th september 2009.also the SA was very impressed by me :)
  10. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    Guys Pandit Auto will be opening a new exclusive showroom for FIAT in Model Colony, near Toyota showroom. It will be functional may be in next month.

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