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Fiat Caffe, No 92,93 Koramangala Intermediate Ring Road, Domlur Bengaluru, Karnataka 560071
  1. puneet mehra

    puneet mehra Amatore

    Superb Adit I wish I could be in Bangalore instead of Delhi

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  2. mnranjeeth

    mnranjeeth Amatore

    Punto Evo 1.3
    I went to the caffe this friday to take a look at the new linea, avventura and the abarth 500.
    It was a very good experience this time compared to my last one here:

    The caffe was very crowded and bustling with activity as various TV news crews were going around with their cameramen trying to capture the new cars at all possible angles!

    Even among all the confusion, the SA, Mr. Touseef was very helpful and made sure that he showed me everything I wanted to see and made sure that
    I was taken care of even though he was quite busy with the media people (He was explaining all the features of the cars in-front of their cameras)
    He also told me that he himself would call me and arrange for a test drive of the new linea at my place! :)
    I also bought a scale model of the punto and 500 to add to my collection. :-D
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  3. Nadeem Ahmed VR 46

    Nadeem Ahmed VR 46 Esperto

    Finally this time you had a wonderful experience at Caffe.
  4. M A N U

    M A N U Amatore

    Hi Adit can you share a reliable sales person's contact details from caffe ?
    One of my friend is interested in buying punto diesel , he may be visiting fiat caffe this weekend
  5. adit

    adit Regolare

    you can call tauseef - 98861202059
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  6. zoombiee


    Hi Adit,

    I test drove the Punto 90hp about a week back at Fiat Caffe. The car was in an appalling condition and would turn off most prospective customers. The wind shield has a crack. The car has all sorts of rattles and has lowered performance (could be a leak in the turbo hose).

    The good part is that my wife seemed to like it despite all this.
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  7. puneet mehra

    puneet mehra Amatore

    Are you listening, if the test car is just like it, why should any one go for fiat?
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  8. adit

    adit Regolare

    we already have a new one in place...

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    or contact 9035002264 deepak for further assistance....
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  9. adit

    adit Regolare

    Parent Child Event

    Parent Child event organized where we as Fiat Caffe are the F&B Venue partner.

    Bottle Poster.jpg
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  10. nand_nand

    nand_nand Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Hello Adit,

    I am writing this feedback on behalf of my friend who took delivery of Hip Hop balack 90HP Punto today.

    I would say it was such a bad experience with the people in the showroom and the stockyard. Below are the issues which we faces and me being a FIAT customer already.

    My friend booked 90HP punto in FIAT CAFFE a month back and the sales executive name was Sandesh. As my friend booked his car through company lease it took a bit of time for the finance to get approved. The car arrived at the stockyard on second week of May and I took print out of the Team Fiat PDI checklist and we went for PDI in the stockyard near brookefield. I never expected that we will get such a bad response from the stockyard people - They did not give the key of the car, the car was parked somewhere in the middle and we can't even open the door as it will hit the next car. After forcing several times they gave the key and they took back the key in 5 mins. We were not able to do PDI as those people are not ready to bring the car outside. Moreover we were asked to leave and there was no respect for the customer at all.

    After all these hurdles, today my friend got a call for delivery of the car. We had already requested the showroom people to make the car ready before we come with all accessories in place. They told everything will be done and today they say "Sorry sir parking sensor was not available and it is not in stock". They had promised that they will give the parking sensor for free and after requesting several times still it was not installed.

    The car was not cleaned properly and we saw dust everywhere and mosquitoes flying inside. They just washed the car for name sake and gave it for delivery. The alloys are so dirty that we have to clean ourselves.

    The worst thing is showroom people don't even have air freshner in stock. They are giving a air freshner which they give for NANO. We customers pay lakhs of money to buy a FIAT car and we get product from another brand. People in the showroom are pointing to each other telling "Sir you contact this guy, that guy he is incharge of that.." etc. It is not our responsibility to contact all the people in the showroom to get the things done.

    I am surprised to see they did not say "Sorry sir engine is not in stock and we will call you once we get stock".

    My friend almost decided to buy VW Polo as he was more pleased with the hospitality he received from VW showroom, but I convinced him to buy Punto and that to buy it from Fiat Caffe. Today we saw the reality what happened. I got a comment from my friend that he would have bought POLO instead of Punto after going through all the hurdles - and I don't have anything to tell.

    I will not recommend FIAT CAFFE to anyone again.
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