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Fiat Caffe, No 92,93 Koramangala Intermediate Ring Road, Domlur Bengaluru, Karnataka 560071
  1. shams

    shams Esperto

    I have visited KHT atleast a hundred times in the last 2.7 yrs of my owning the punto. Believe it or not i have never met Adit till now or rather never had the need to meet him. would love to meet him just to say hi though. In all this time only once have I posted about a small problem on KHTs thread here on TFI.

    My number of visits to KHT is so high because my punto had got repaired at Prerana after a major accident and something or the other kept cropping up every now and then. KHT is near to my office and so as soon as i noticed anything i used to drive there to get it fixed. Almost all the times the problems were attended to and fixed to my satisfaction.

    If someone asks me, my experience with Prerana and Concorde has not been so satisfactory as it has been with KHT. It depends on person to person and it depends quite a lot the rapport that gets built up with the people at the respective SC.

    For a first time customer, all the service centers are pretty much the same, give or take few good/bad experiences.

    All the suggestions that have been made by few people certainly apply to all SCs and we just can generalize things and single out an SC based on our personal experience because as i said we might have a good rapport with one SC so we are bound to feel wanting when we visit another one where we don't know many people. This is what is happening here is what i feel from some of the posts on this thread.

    For me it has always been good experience but now with our friend Jayakrishna working at KHT as SA and knowing his love for Fiats, according to me it is certainly the best place to take our car to.
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  2. Pauleralil

    Pauleralil Regolare

    I got my car from KHT though had a few issues with some aspects of delivery, I felt it is ok and suggested them as improvements KHT should make. Afterwards i had visited them once more to fix up a blown up fuse which was done to my satisfaction. Similarly the other day, I visited Prerana to get my rear fog lamps fixed. Again the response was quick and addressed to my satisfaction. so both are rated 9/10.

    When an issue is posted in TFI it has got lot of visibility and same applies to when it is resolved. I think we should focus on customer issues being resolved.whether higher ups are involved or not should not be the question. Does your query gets attended to and if they are addressed to your satisfaction. If yes!! then prob solved. If you are not happy you always have the choice to move to other SC. Atleast in bangalore we have choice like Aadya, KHT and Prerana/Vecto.

    Strictly personal opinion: Having access to the top management always brings in confidence to the customer. Almost all service providers give customers access to management at some point as escalation point. How you use those contacts is what matters??? And also like any other media TFI brings a lot of things to forefront " +ves and -ves". I believe whatever we all term as -ves should be taken by other party as a chance to improve. Thats how TFI makes a difference as forum for customers, dealers and FIAT as such.
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  3. NitinGirish

    NitinGirish Amatore

    +1. This is one of the biggest criteria when I choose a service provider for any service, not just automobiles.

    Process driven approach is desirable and anyday more reliable. For something like a car service where service manual is available, intervals defined the whole experience should be pretty consistent across A.S.Cs. I mean, 3rd free service should mean the same thing to Aadya, K.H.T, Prerana or whoever.

    Sadly, that is not the case. Across brands/service providers (Yamaha, General Motors, Flipkart, Snapdeal, IOC, Vodafone, BSNL, Bajaj Allianz, etc) the my initial experience has been poor. There were many instances were routine stuff could not be done properly by people who were supposed to do it and had to be escalated to top most officials.

    Call me a cynic but now I don't expect to be served properly without going through the hassle of escalating. So, clearer the escalation path, more responsive the management-I tend to go along with that brand/service provider.
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  4. absolutely true,customer satisfaction is not top priority for most of the ASS until you make noise, unfortunate but true.
  5. adit

    adit Regolare

    my hands r itching so badly :( :(

    but cant do what i wanna do :( ... its a strict NO NO for me 2 put up any more pic's as of now :(
  6. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    But at-least you should inform us, when your caffe will be operational?
    I see it daily, I know work is going on, but tough to tell from outside, how much more is left out.
  7. adit

    adit Regolare

    there is so much detailing in the work is y it is taking time.......this is being monitored by the highest of Fiat representatives also......i suggest you visit the site sometime between 10-1 when am there hv hv a look :D
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  8. zenwalker

    zenwalker Esperto

    Still an approximation date would be good Adit though exact is not expected. Another month or so?? :)
  9. riturajmnnit

    riturajmnnit Amatore

    Bengaluru, India
    Hey Adit,

    May be I will visit today or tomorrow between 10-1 :) Hope to see something unique and interesting :)
  10. svvickky

    svvickky Amatore

    A pathetic response from KHT !!
    I was told that i will get my car delivered today (saturday Feb 02 2013) when i call them today, the SA said, the RTO is not working today and hence the delivery can be done only on monday.
    I have invited all my relatives from out of station for this car delivery, only after confirmation from SA that car will be delivered positively on saturday.

    I just cross checked with the Indhranagar RTO and they said they are working. I was really feeling bad and called up the SA again, he again changed it saying the RTO division of KHT is not working today.

    Its the problem on KHT's side and am really disappointed that , this wasn't communicated earlier to me. and again i have to face all my relatives who have come down from out of stations for my car delivery :(

    Anyways am going to KHT to talk to SA and senior person there, I really feel there is something messy and problem is SA is not serious enough in delivering the car and not transparent
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