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83 & 84 Punniah Plaza, Road No 2, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500034 India
  1. rudresh

    rudresh Regolare

    Hyderabad, India
    Thanks for the post. If you can summarize the things to look for in terms of discounts and deductibles then it will be great for a new buyer like me. Tomorrow the the sales guy is coming to my place to discuss about the discounts. I honestly dont know what to ask and how to get it done. Yeah you are right, every penny is hard earned and I have encountered enough of sales guys who just look for commission from company be it insurance, mutual funds, shares etc..

    Keep us updated mate.

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  2. moreau

    moreau Timido

    firstly please be very careful with the price list the executive brings with him,the list will contain "on road price" very important,the dealer will give so called discount on "on road price",what is important is not what the price list contains but what would be the figure given to you in writing on which you have to sign,look out for inflated "on road price" in the actual writing give as "offer price" on which billing will be done.
    The modus operandi is that the "on road price" would be inflated and later so called corporate discount,RSA,free accessories would be deducted to arrive as the "offer price" other practice would be to keep "on road price" as it is and add RSA,accessories etc and arrive at a figur from which deductions would be made to arrive at "offer price". therefore in reality there is nothing free you have paid for every thing,its a marketing gimmick.
    The insurance cover which is given free is shown as Rs 25000 in the leaflet,but what you will get from future generali insurance is only RS 13000 odd certificate,yes the insurance is comprehensive which elsewhere would cost you around RS 22000,why show rs 25000 then what is the logic one can as well say we are giving free insurance.of course we are benefitted no doubt,this is not because of dealer but because of FIAT.
    next comes the invoice part there will be manipulation in the on road price to see to it that the VAT component as well as life tax gets reduces,now we are paying both this must go to the government,in my case when confronted with the dealer he accepted that around RS4000 was pocketed by him which must go to the Govt as life tax. in my case the broucher said on road price as 696895 with lifetax being 83877 the offer price being Rs663973 and life tax being79927,the difference being Rs 3950.
    really speaking you need to understand the calculations clearly,calculate more than 3 times and ask him to put every thing on paper,just forget about discounts,and free accessories you will definitely be charged,what fiat has to offer is FIATS genuine offer not what the dealer has to offer,i didnot go for absolute pack,because of lack of clarity on issue such as insurance will i have to pay half of 25000 of half of 13000 i got head ache dealing about it,i was even misled but i cross checked that the tablet was worth around 19000 unlike the dealer who said it was only 3 to 5 thousand.
    OFF TOPIC Well in the end one feels its not worth the time to what actually is being done by the dealer,it seems like on big circle,first the Government is the biggest crook,citizens want everything for free,we love being beggars,we beg for food,electricity,gas,petrol. Government is not about giving everything free its just not that,but it has turned into that,the car manufacturer wants excise reduction,vat exemption,sales tax,labour laws etc,etc etc, now small part is played by bureaucrats,touts,dealers. the government goes on increasing prices,taxes,inflation spiral which is taxation without sanction of law,why ? just because some idiot wants power,he thinks he is jusus/krishna will solve problems of world,good things must be unaffordable,we must refuse subsidy,both individuals and companys no tax exemption,pay the price or perish,the so called reforms is nothing but socialism for the rich,the poor had enough during first 40 odd years now it is time to rob the poor,previously rich were robbed.
  3. I had a problem with FIAT exclusive dealer Tejaswi Motors.When I went to them recently,they were much courteous than other dealers.So,when I asked for quotation,they give it promptly.But,they had 2011 Linea Emotion Pack Diesel as a display vehicle.I m bit shocked!!!.
  4. rudresh

    rudresh Regolare

    Hyderabad, India
    That Tejaswi sales guy did not came, wondering what happened to him :confused:
  5. N Kiran

    N Kiran Staff Member Janitor

    Fiat is giving huge discounts on 2012 models. The discounts are close to 1 lakh. Here are the details

    Fiat Punto MJD Active: Rs. 5,82,979/-
    Fiat Punto MJD Dynamic: Rs. 6,52,120/-
    Fiat Punto MJD Emotion: Rs. 7,24,416/-

    All the above prices are OTR in Hyderabad inclusive of all discounts.

    Hope some one would take advantage of this mouth watering deal.
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  6. Bug in "Fiat" Not in old JV (Tata-Fiat)


    Last Sunday advt. published in DC News Paper, for offer prices of Fiat Punto @ 4.99 L

    I called exclusive Fiat Dealer in Hyderabad, got the details, over phone, he said he will provide me the TD at my location, I asked "when" ?

    Sir, I will call you in 10 min.

    Till Tuesday noon, no call received from Dealer. I though they are getting lot of inquiries, thus might be they forgot it, No - Issue I will remind it once again.

    I dialled the same number back, He just disconnect the call, again I feel he might be busy in some important meeting, I called against other number after 3 hours.

    The person transferred my call other Executive, he said sir, give me 10 min. I will update you. Ok..

    Received phone call from dealer : Sir, My name is ..... and tomorrow sharp 11 a.m, I will be at your place ... .. .OK

    Till now no call received from New Gentlemen.

    Its really Funny.

    Two months back, one of my best friend (other state) want to buy new Car, I suggested you once check Fiat, he said ok.. I sent online inquiry on his behalf, No call received till 15 days.

    He bought another car, after that he received call "Sir, You are interested in "Fiat Car " ?

    My friend called me "Yaar Fiat wale ka call aaya tha, Kaya karu ? "

    So in my opinion, Bug in "Fiat"

    They are so much depressed, whenever new inquiry came, they are sure that it will not come to us. No sales targets to S.E., no follow ups from higher officials.

    Everybody Enjoying at Fiat. :)
  7. Abhi_abarth

    Abhi_abarth Timido

    Retro / Classic FIAT
    Visited Tejaswi on Friday to enquire on Punto. Wasn't impressed with them. They don't have any passion/fire in them, they are just a bunch of folks doing their jobs. They weren't trying to sell me the car either. Anyways, I enquired for the 2012 model too but the straight answer was none of those are available. Can anybody help me with this ? I am looking for a dynamic or Emotion 2012 model.
  8. N Kiran

    N Kiran Staff Member Janitor

    Any specific reason to choose a 2012 model? The current models are having deals worth 1 lakh already as exchange/loyality bonus etc., Try contacting Nirosha and refer TFI. If you donot get a satisfactory answer, please let me know. I will try to enquire from my end.
  9. Abhi_abarth

    Abhi_abarth Timido

    Retro / Classic FIAT
    Hi Kiran,

    Answer is simple : Vitamin M, I have a tight budget :)

    So I am looking for pre-owned Puntos and came across only three in the used market. All three seem to be the basic versions and clocked more than 44 K KMs. The asking price is between 4.25 Lakh to 5 Lakh which i feel is quite high given the bad resale value of Fiat cars. Also, ABS is my bare minimum. So read in this thread and another forum that Fiat still has couple of 2012 stock unsold which can be bought with good discounts.

    Instead of buying a pre-owned vehicle say for 4.5 or 4.7 lakhs I am thinking it is worthy to stretch the budget (beg, borrow or steal)for few more grands and buy the 2012 stock even if you are able to get an active variant ( I prefer dynamic and emotion any day).

    And I am in no way eligible for these exchange and loyalty bonuses as neither do I have a car nor it is a fiat if I had any. Hence, just trying my luck.

    Any help will be highly appreciated.
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  10. If you are sure, than you can buy New Car / Non Registered Car from another state (Out of AP) on Temp Registration and get registered here after paying the Registration Tax here.

    Do fast, very soon prices going UP due to USD / INR prices.

    All the best.

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