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83 & 84 Punniah Plaza, Road No 2, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500034 India
  1. Tejaswi motors -- Book with a Pinch of Salt !!

    Ok now that I have decided, that I shall buy the Punto 90 one early morning after months of holding myself back, I was just like a stone out of the slingshot, I wanted the booking to be done, car to be delivered and I start driving it all in one week :steering.

    I have purchased my earlier linea from concorde Khairatabad and I did not want to go with them as the sales personnel have given me a wrong number to reach them after I requested a quote from them. Malik did not even have a TD car with them and I felt I was jay walking / tresspassing their showroom with no one to cater my requirement. Their attitude was Plain dis-interested type.

    Now to Tejaswi motors. Test drive arranged for more than multiple times and they were mind you huge distance test drives. The SA Mr. Bhanu was very very accommodating and cordial with the flip side being he never used to update me on the process etc at the start. After the TD's I have paid the deposit amount and have asked them to allocate a car from the Factory lot with the feb 11 Manufactured stamp and they have accomodated this request as well. They get full points on this count as well.

    The issue starts when you look for any discounts / bonuses etc and the attitude of the sales manager / showroom manager turns stone cold. From the VIBGYOR to just Black in less than a minute. :wow. The sugar coated words of Mr. Shabbir (This is the guy who I do not want to deal with again) are very irritating and the only vocabulary in his diction is "No / Nahin / Not Possible / Given you a Good Deal etc". Couple this with the car in transit / you have asked the delivery to be delayed etc will make you pull your hair (what even is left) in frustration. So Shabbir is never the guy you would want to deal with. The other flip side of all this non sense is the term "Deviation" from DGM / GM etc which makes you feel that there is no process defined in this showroom at all. I did forget to mention that there is a sense of who's who atleast in the middlerung. To cite an example when the SA is asked about the status, the answer that I used to hear was I shall find out from the sales manager and get back to you and getting back was conviniently missed majority of the times.

    After a lot of discussions, they have in advance informed me about the arrival of the car and on request, they have permitted me to stay with the car during PDI. Full points here as well. All the paper work was done on time and the car delivered at the requested moment. The People who were very helpful

    1. Mr. Venu Madhav -- General Manager -- Sales (He listened very patiently and promised improvements at the floor)
    2. Mr. Ram -- Customer Relation Manager
    3. Mr Bhanu -- The SA who was with me all through the car buying process and had to put up with a demanding customer like me. I will not hesitate to recommend him to anyone but you will have to live with some follow-ups

    Mr - Srikanth -- Showroom Manager -- Was neither helpful nor a pain. He had a rule book to follow and the word deviation seem to be the norm with this guy

    Shabbir -- Less said the better. He does not even have the basic etiquette not to be in GMs cabin when the customer is speaking after asking for the GM's time. He feels that he is doing the customer a favour and not the other way round. I shall NOT / NEVER deal with this guy again. A sure deal breaker guy for me.

    The delivery / pdi staff were very cordial and polite. They have ensured that the car was spic and span for the special moment. Thanks to them.

    The security staff are a nuisance, they do not let the customer sit in peace until the customer parks his current car atleast 100 feet from the showroom. The showroom is on the main road and most of the traffic goes through the flyover running parallel to the showroom.

    The finance team (Mr. Niranjan / Mr. Kiran) were very helpful and the experience with the was very satisfying. I suggest going for a loan elsewhere in a PSU / Nationalised bank rather than TATA Finance. Since I was in a hurry to get things done, I opted for TATA Finance so that the loan can be disbursed in 1/2 a day :uh

    Ensure that these guys give you the T/R etc before the delivery of the car. As far as I have seen, they were reluctant to raise a T/R until they receive a RO from the finance team even when 80% of the amount has been paid. After I have pressurised them to give me a TC in lieu of the T/R they generated the T/R. The fault lies with them as well with the RTA Hyd which saw some pen down stikes a few weeks back.

    Please go to Tejaswi if YOU want

    1. To book the car with a particular month of manufacture (I wanted this)
    2. Get the PDI done your self
    3. Good feel of the car before you really book one.

    and DONOT when

    1. You want to haggle for some more discounts
    2. Want to swipe your card without incurring the 1.75 % bank charges (They have waived mine, thanks to the GM Mr Venu)
    3. You want clear cut timelines / do not want to follow up

    Will I book a second car with them / refer anyone to them .. Yes I will :redcar
  2. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    Re: Tejaswi motors -- Book with a Pinch of Salt !!

    Congratulations for the 90 HP
  3. Tejaswi motors -- Book with a Pinch of Salt !!

    Thanks Tony :)
  4. Re: Tejaswi motors -- Book with a Pinch of Salt !!

    Ok Folks, here's the final straw ... The documentation has some in-correct information and to get my car registration I need the documentation corrected. The funny part with Tejaswi is inspite of providing correct information at the time of booking / pan card as a proof they have goofed up. Their claim is that I should have verified that documentation before they have raised the T/R. They did ask me to verify but this is when I was running pillar to post to arrange for finances etc and I missed verification. Since the fault is at both ends, I have volunteered to bear half the cost to get the error corrected while Tejaswi wanted me to bear the full amount :A . At the end I am getting it done directly at the RTA office instead of these guys sitting on the papers and not passing on any information to me. 1 week precious time lost.

    I take back my statement given earlier and reprashing it as " I shall NOT buy any car (even if its a nano) from these un-professional guys. The sales team is dis-organized and are very very penurious / parsimonious .

    The service team is excellent though and a 10/10 to them for resolving my A/C issue within a couple of hours. GM service (Mr Sambaiah) is one person who is doing a superb job and has a patient ear to the problems faced by the customers and goes to length to their resolve issues.
  5. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Re: Tejaswi Motors Hyderabad

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  6. Re: Tejaswi Motors Hyderabad

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  7. I am sad that here in hyderabad we dont have any dealer who delivers good after-sales service.

    Until the delivery day everything was perfect. Mr.Kishore was the sales person who have been guiding me throughout the process of buying a car, as my father was busy with his office work.
    Thanks to kishore for his service in showroom.

    I took the delivery of the car and felt happy for having done this deal with tejaswi.

    Now the problems start....

    -The very second day after purchasing the car i noticed that one of the doors was not locking properly,i rushed to the showroom and after a long wait it was fixed.

    -The third day when i tried to remove the plastic cover of the sun-visor it came in my hand!
    I was shocked and remembered those review posts that i have read in the internet about punto's poor plastics.

    Next day i called showroom and explained about what happened with sun-visor and i was told that i will have to pay for the part.Then i found the tollfree number on the warranty book and complained there.Within an hour i get a call from CRM,tejaswi motors saying that ill be getting it for free but i will have to wait for it till it reaches hyderabad as it was in transit.

    It has been a month and i am still waiting......:confused:

    -A small screw that holds glove box was missing and i was told that i will have to purchase complete box which costs Rs1000/- !!!!:punch

    However after speaking to Mr.ravi CRM,tejaswi i was charged RS15/-(AFTER WAITING FOR 15 DAYS AND ATLEAST 10 CALLS)

    -Last week i had some problem with steering ,after visiting service center i learnt that the wheel alignment and balancing was not done during first servicing. After a long wait of three hours they started the work-When i told Mr.Ravi that i am from TFI......

    still i have few issues that are still pending.

    The other day i went to mallik cars and told them my problem.Here they dont even respond when they come to know that i purchased my car from tejaswi.!!!!

    i heard that service centers in banglore are better....may be ill have to go there if it still continues the same way......:sad:
  8. murali427


    Waste sales team at TEJASWINI MOTORS Hyderabad.

    I had a bad experience with the sales team at Tejaswini motors at hyderabad madhapur. A team consisting of Meenakshi,Bhanu and Shabbir sold me a PUnto Vehicle whose PDI was not done properly.

    Below are the problems

    1.The Vehicle doesnt have wiper water tank at all
    2.Some noise is coming from the co passenger seat
    3.inside the Vehicle i observed some water leakage below thedriver seat
    4.These people entered my date of birth wrongly because of which i have paid an extra 1000 DD at RTO office Kukatpally
    5.At the time of Delivery they took a Photograph which was not even shared with me. When i asked them about the photo Bhanu was simply saying that the photo was deleted.

    The sales woman Meenakshi is not as helpful as she talks. When we buy the Vehicle immediately from the next min onwards she dont care about the Vehicle or its problems.
    Better buy your Fiat Vehicle from Malik or Concord Motors

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  9. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Is it that your car does not have the reservoir container to store the windscreen water at ll or is that they delivered the car without windscreen water?
  10. murali427


    I Have bad experience with Tejaswini motors. The Sales team is energetic but they will take all precautions to sell their Vehicle once the Vehicle is sold they dont care about the customer.

    I have faced the below problems
    1.The PDI was not done properly. They missed to include wiper tank cable and I found some water leakage under the driver seat inside the Vehicle
    2.Copassenger seat is making annoying noise while driving the Vehicle
    3.My date of birth is wrongly written by the Sales team due to which i have paid 1000 DD extra at the time of registration.I got very careless answer from the sales team when i ask them why did you enter my DOB wrongly.
    4.They took a photograph at the time of Vehicle delivery which was not shared with me even after 1 month after delivery.When i call them and ask them about the Photo the sales woman
    Meenakshi simple said that it was deleted.
    5.The accessories person is worst of all.He charges very high amount and the same accesories are available at outside for half of the price.
    He takes the advantage of teh fact that Fiat electrical accessories cannot be fitted outside.I got my central locking wrongly fitted in the showroom.

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