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# 9 Bel Air Drive, Near Makheri Circle, Bellary Road Bengaluru, Karnataka 560032 India
  1. ccprakash

    ccprakash Regolare

    Not only the will tell lies, they will loot money if you are not aware of the problems that your car has. For small light break at the rear bumper, they have estimated around 8000/-, but the same thing will get rectified at KHT at free of cost. Even i have engaged the same manager(sai at aadya..) they never call you back, you have to follow up everything.

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    Again Problem with AADYA motors bangalore. Just now i got a call from KHT they are asking my registration number of my vehicle. Once they are checking the details with my car registration number its showing some other car details(vin, engine no.. etc).

    AADYA people had provided the wrong registration no. What should i do with these people? If iam not aware and went somewhere with this reg no.? Who will bare if anything goes wrong?

    Iam totally disappointed with the service given by AADYA. I am having loads of office work, where should i concentrate, here with these ppl or at my office work?

    I love fiat, but with these kind of ppl i am thinking i have done the mistake. Atleast they should answer the phone calls. They never pick up the phone and i informed the sales manager, how bad people are complaining about aadya and himself as well.
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  2. Pkem0980


    Mate, i too live in hebbal and need to get my car serviced... Which is the closest workshop... I have palio stile
  3. ccprakash

    ccprakash Regolare

    My option will go to KHT.
  4. adit

    adit Regolare

    hi guys , at kht for any service related issues pls mail gmservice@khtmotors.com and mark a cc to sanjai@khtagencies.com.........we have been runnin trial services with our mobile workshop which has performed well....shortly KHT will introduce this fulfledge for all periodic maintanance ......it can also come to your office premises to do the service....:) :) the new team for tht is under training right now.....
  5. xplorauto


    Sai comes across as a smooth talker only during pre-sales and sales. After that he logs off and turns incommunicado.

    I'm yet to receive the T-Jet branded boot mats which were promised as free accessories to me during sale. Every time I call him, its out of stock.

    Plus the guy forgot to hand over the security code card during delivery of the car. Unfortunately i learnt about the code card when going through the owners manual a couple of days later. When I challenged him about why that wasn't handed over to me, he quips it must have been in the drawer. When I dismissed that, he asks me now to buy a second key, and I would get the card along with.

    Also, I hadn't received my registration smart car in 2 months. When I inquired at the RTO yesterday, the guy at the desk asked me to buy him a Rs 20/- envelop for them to courier the card to my address. I can't say, if tha was a standard practice for all cars registered through Aadya or for every one. Whatever, Aadya should have paid, 20 bucks from their side and saved us the trouble.

    As far as their, body shop is concerned, i have already mentioned their callous and unprofessional workmanship in another thread before. Its a classic example of why an HTV dealer should not turn into a Fiat dealer.
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  6. NitinGirish

    NitinGirish Amatore

    So they continue to be 'Miles ahead in service'.

    @Arun Javgal: Did you get any response from FIAT for your mail?

    In my case, after writing to FIAT and their subsequent interaction, they seem to be co-operative. Problem is, there is no real alternative for people in North Bengaluru. Concorde & Prerana are so far away!
  7. adit

    adit Regolare

  8. puntosat

    puntosat Superiore

    I got a call from AAdya,B'lore today..asking feedback from PRO..

    She was very honest and said ..she will take responsibility of any issues and said come to workshop even without an appointment and she will get things fixed.
  9. vks


    I am a bit surprised after reading above posts on bad exp at Aadya.., surprised that how come I had a very good experience there few weeks back!

    My special requests were immediately granted (for day parking / drop for service in the evening etc) and also tire rotation / test drives / alignment / fluid leveling etc were all done to my satisfaction - and it cost me nothing, absolutely free! May be they have changed from those bad days? I will go there again for sure!
  10. talkraghu

    talkraghu Timido

    Had called up Aadya for car service on a Wednesday and they gave an app for Monday :). Was wondering what would be their capacity of handling number of Fiat cars per day. At the same time, Prerana gave appointment for the next day.

    The Aadya's body shop work is located little far from the service center. I had been there once to get the dents on doors to be corrected. They did a OK job, but not perfect. Car wash was for name sake. They lost a few screw caps and I not finding the new ones at service centers :(

    While purchasing my car, I had been to Aadya as well. I was offered extra accessories from Prerana compared to Aadya (car cover and window sun films). Eventually bought it from Prerana.

    One more negative aspect of Aadya is they do not sell car parts/accessories without getting job card done. I had tough time to get fog lamps for ACTIVE punto. Finally bought the fog lamps and covers from Concorde's window shopping and got them fitted through FIAT known electrician.
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