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# 9 Bel Air Drive, Near Makheri Circle, Bellary Road Bengaluru, Karnataka 560032 India
  1. Joe Francis

    Joe Francis

    Dear Sir,
    YS we do the services down hear please do fix up an appointment.
    AADYA MOTORS Ph:43250010/11
  2. NitinGirish

    NitinGirish Amatore

    My experience continues to be poor with Aadya. Handed over booking amount of Rs.50000 on 11th July. Delivery date agreed upon was 21st July.

    Handed over final cheque on 16th July (post dated 19th July). Delivery date now pushed to 28th July (tentative). Not sure what changed in between. Apparently it takes four days for the car to come from Pune to B'lore:eek:

    Calls are not returned. No clarity when exactly delivery will happen. This increasingly looks lke allotment of BDA site.

    If you are putting in a substantial amount of your savings, I would defnitely NOT recommend this brand. Product might be great but everything else that is necessary sucks. I feel gulity for having done the hard sell of Punto to my dad:sadblue
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2011
  3. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    If your first experience was so poor with Aadya, you should have not gone there. Also, not sure why you paid full amount. Try to call Joe Francis, phone number is mentioned in previous post. See if he can expedite your delivery.
    Did you get VIN, do proper PDI, before delivery. I am sure once car is in your hand, you would forget these bad experiences.
  4. NitinGirish

    NitinGirish Amatore

    If the decision was left to me I would not have continued at all. Fortunately or unfortunately dad is sold out on the product and not willing to wait. Consulting other dealers, weighing in options all takes time especially if you can give only your Saturdays to this activity.

    Mr.Joe/Majo Francis is handling this delivery.

    Yup, my dad is also hoping the driving pleasure would make him forget all this.
  5. narayankg


    Feels great to be back on TFI after a looooooooong gap. I have moved from Hyderabad to Bangalore and all the activity has kept me busy..But a quick note on Aadhya motors..I happened to experience their service and must say that it wasn't bad. While the initial few contacts were very couteous, I did face some issues during vehicle delivery...I had to keep following up and then had issues in billing. But throughout, these guys were not being difficult, but it was more because of lack of experience I felt...The Service manager Ranganath is pretty good there...
  6. tjetdriver

    tjetdriver Amatore

    Bengaluru, India
    Service is due in a few days for me.. i am tempted to try out in aadya.. it is a stone's throw from my office.
    but i was not unhappy with prerana also.. let me see. :)
  7. Swapnil


    Hi All,

    I am a new member of TFI. We are planning to buy a Fiat Grande Punto in the coming month. I stay near the new bangalore intl. airport and so aadhya would be the nearest showroom to my place. I wanted to know more about Aadhya's service before deciding to buy it from there.

    What do you guys suggest? I would like to know as to how is the regular maintanance cost of a Punto?? Does Aadhya provide good service after sales?? and approximately what is the waiting period once you have booked a Punto??

    - Swapnil
  8. ArunJavgal


    I had a very very bad exp in experience motors, I have written a mail to Fiat India CEO -Dear Mr. CEO,


    Let me introduce myself as Arun Javgal, a resident of Bangalore and a proud (??) owner of your FIAT PUNTO(Chassis Number-XXXX)! Now, let me start my chain of agonies and dismays that I had to go through, courtesy—your Showroom(Aadhya Motors, Bangalore) and Customer care Center, so called unethical professionals.

    After I was impressed with the name and fame of your FIAT PUNTO, I booked one for myself on Nov 26, 2011 and was promised of a delivery on Dec 12, 2011. I did pay the money by 07 Dec, 2011 and requested for a TR (temporary registration), considering that it was the year-end. Your showroom officers did accept my request and promised me of a delivery on 12th with an authorized TR.
    However, on Dec 12, 2011, when car was due for a delivery, and when I called your showroom to get my car, I was told that I owe some more money, which I did pay on the same day. This act of promising me that 12th will be the delivery date, and then asking me for further money without any intimation is beyond my guess! Then I was promised of a TR on 13th and a car delivery on 14th Dec.
    On 13th , I called the showroom to ensure that the vehicle is ready, and I was also told that TR process is completed on 13th and was promised of a delivery on 14th Dec.
    To continue their show of unprofessionalism, they called me on 14th and told me that the vehicle will be delivered on 15th evening (06. P.M.). Tired of listening to these false and ill-directed promises, I called Sai Kumar (9480839004), but he never bothered to pick my call (I am forced to presume that he deliberately did not pick the call).
    Tired of this follow-up saga, I wrote to Sai, requesting him to cancel my booking and return my money immediately. Having hit by the ultimate arrow, he called me, requested me to collect the car on 15th morning , whose TR is also ready. He pretended to having not seen/read my e-mail.
    Come 15th Dec, and I became the proud owner!!!!! However, I was told that the TR papers are not yet ready, which will be ready by 16th. I was surprised by the way the showroom contradicted its words.
    I could get the TR papers only on 17th, and after thorough scrutinization I concluded that the TR papers were processed only on 15th and not on 13th Dec, as was falsely promised to me just to persuade me to buy your car! After knowing the truth also, I kept mute just to maintain the good rapport and harmony.
    On 02 Jan, 2011, I called the showroom and requested them to help me with the PR (Permanent Registration). I was asked to get my car on 04th morning for getting the pencil-impression of my car’s chassis.
    I did drive my car to the showroom and gave the impression and was promised of the registration number on 05th, the Thursday. I also queried with the showroom personnel whether or not I must leave the car for inspection and registration and I was told ‘Not necessary’.
    Before moving on my way to the showroom, I called them to ensure that the registration was done, but I was told that the number will be available only on 06th Dec. I was also told that the registration process is complete on 4th itself, but in actual, I suspect (after seeing the challan paid to the RTO) that they had applied for registration on 5th only. This made clear to me that they used a raw lie to cheat me and spoil my office work & precious time.
    Inspite of me calling them on 6th , 7th, and 8th, I received no answer, because nobody bothered to pick my telephone call.
    Frustrated with this, on 8th evening, I called your call center (Customer Care) and informed about this hide-and-seek game played by your, so called professionals. Though they created a ticket and lodged a complaint, I did not receive any reply from them, till now!
    On 9th morning, I received a call from the showroom, which said that due to the changes in RTO policies, I have to take my car to the RTO office for verification at 12 P.M., which came to me as a surprise though I had been asking them about any such requirement from 4th. As I was preoccupied with some planned appointments at my office, I expressed my agony about them not keeping me informed about this and forcing me to go to the RTO.
    At 11.45 A.M., before I started driving towards the RTO office, I called the showroom to get a last-minute shock that I must go to the RTO office only at 2 P.M. which tested my tempers and forced me to drive to the showroom to know what is happening!
    At this juncture, I requested the showroom to return the money that I had paid for registration + the road tax charges. In spite standing in culprits zone, the showroom denied my request. They also promised me that, if I go to RTO at 2 P.M., my work will get done in 10 minutes, which turned out to be a false promise again, as realized by I myself!
    As a last resort, I did go the RTO office at 2.M. as suggested by the showroom, but the FIAT representative stationed at RTO asked me to wait till 3 P.M.
    Depressed with this, I called the showroom to listen to some unwanted words supported by rude behavior. At this juncture, I called your customer care, and was told that a senior official would call me back very soon. But, till date, I am yet to receive a call!
    After all these, I waited at the RTO office till 4.30 P.M., which meant that I had killed by one-day office work for no fault of mine.
    Having not reaped any fruit in spite of my wasted wait at the RTO, I came back to the showroom without even knowing whether the registration is done or not. My intention of meeting the higher officials was nipped by routing me to meet Ms. Leelaavathi, who was polite enough to tell me the truth that this ‘drama’ of registration has been practiced by many scapegoats like me. She escalated this issue to one Mr. Madhusudan (9980909681), who called me at 5.30 P.M. on Monday, obtained appropriate info about my issue, promised me that he would call me back in the next 10 min, but to my surprise and agony, those 10 minutes are yet to get over on this earth! I did try to call him on Monday, but he is unethical enough to not pick my call. Well done, keep it up!!!!
    I did call him today, Tuesday, to which he sends an SMS to me stating that he is busy! What on earth takes him to understand that my time also has some price tag, and customers value their individual time.
    Till date, that is Tuesday afternoon, I am not sure about the status of my registration.
    Dear friend, tell me one thing, how do you expect a customer like me to grind myself to get the registration, even after paying the money and following-up by using my time and telephone.
    Now, I am forced to call myself a fool, who was comprehensively fooled by FIAT, which has taken ages to get a simple act of car registration done! I will be the first to NOT recommend a FIAT for anybody on India.

    Note: To understand the meaning of ‘Customer Service/satisfaction’ I would strongly recommend each and every member of FIAT family to get a proper professional training from any one of the Maruti or Hyndai showrooms.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Arun Javgal
  9. kvk

    kvk Amatore

    I have visited the Aadya showroom twice. Once to enquire about the pricing of the alloys(16") and the second time to correct the headlight beam focus.

    I reached the entrance gate around 6PM and the security gave me a smart card to carry with me. I didn't know what to do with the smartcard. I parked my car and went and gave the smartcard to the receptionist. I explained them that the low and high beam focus needs to be adjusted. They asked me to book an appointment for the next day. I said " this work will not take more 15 mins. Can you call the SA so that I can explain him what the issue and he can make a call as to what can be done". For this they replied "Sir there is only SA and he is very busy now. You can book an appointment for tomorrow sir". I said "Thanks a lot" and never went back again
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2012
  10. sreedhara_bj

    sreedhara_bj Amatore

    Hi Arun,

    Even we had bad experience with Aadya, with the same guy Saikumar. You can see my post here http://www.teamfiat.co.in/what-car/3893-fiat-not-manufacturing-tuscan-wine-2.html

    He never picked the call neither called back, and whenever we wanted to talk to his Manager, he would say they are busy in meeting ... all the times. My bil is little cool guy, If I was him, I would have blasted that Sai like anything. He looks very unprofessional.

    But somehow we got the car. We had to go again there for other fitments after one week (we took in writing what all promised with signatures). Car is running smoothly now, no issues, covered nearly 2.5k. On the 1st day itself I removed AADYA sticker. Now for all servicing , planing to go for ConCord Dairy Circle. I still feel Concord much much better than Aadya in handling customers.

    I would suggest whoever going to Adya, tell that Sai , we have seen enough of him on TFI, better not to play with us. Just get the commitments on a white paper and take his signatures. Better would be to avoid him if possible.
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2012
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